Elon Musk envisage un smartphone concurrent des iPhone et Android


Elon Musk assured that Lancer has its own smartphone and is a contender with iPhone d’Apple and other models of brands running on Android. Tout cela a lien avec Twitter.

Apple and Google authorize the application of Twitter on the App Store (iOS) and the Play Store (Android), making it easy to access the mobile phone. Is it that the jour of the two groups that are retired, which is most needed, does not indicate that you are a manque de moderation? This is the threat from Elon Musk.

« You can’t even arrive, more or more, you can make another choice, you are looking for an alternative to your phone », a tweet le nouveau patron de Twitter.

If you have a lot of resources and employees at your disposal, it is not possible to keep Elon Musk up to date with the capacity of simultaneous iPhone and Android smartphones. How much knowledge of the knowledge that is popular to be rented out and command public attention is another question.

Elon Musk has sued over the change controversies after his son paid Twitter $44 billion, and has made certain announcements regarding the platform as high risk for promotion. Plus, it is a fact that the intent of the proceedings is to suspend a mass amnesty of comptes from the result of a message effect by Twitter. It is an example of a similar sound confirmed by longtime President Donald Trump.

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