Elon Musk engage un célèbre hacker d’iPhone pour réparer Twitter en 3 mois


Suite of a social media change, Elon Musk and George Hotz trying to jailbreak the iPhone and pirate the PlayStation 3. But: the function of detective news in the breakdown of social media in the change of a 12-week stage.

George Hotz © Komma.ai

Après avoir viré tout-va, Elon Musk recruited for Twitter. George Hotz, who turned the industry into a jailbreaker of the iPhone and PlayStation 3 piracy, turned on Elon Musk.

The project is based on a véritable défi technique: réparer Twitter en trois mois. It is a special embauché to perform the function of recherche actulement in the panne du reseau social.

Reparer Twitter en trois mois, a défi qu’Elon Musk lance to a hacker

Elon Musk wondered if he would sidestep pirate computing for Tesla, more than there are serious disputes over working conditions, several other sources say. In response, Hotz uses Comma AI, a company that is developing a logical simultaneous pilot from Tesla.

Elon Musk has an ensuite suite in 2015 with a great knowledge of a personal person or small business that in recent years has created a degree of a logical autonomous user using the different voitures. Aujourd’hui, Elon Musk and donc embauché Hotz pour un travail qui need an equipe entière pour être mené.

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All one to start Lorsque Hotz a félicité Musk d’avoir laisse partir quiconque ne voulait travailler sur un Twitter à plus de 12 heures par jour. Après quelques échanges, Hotz a to introduce to Elon Musk qu’il l’embauche pour un stage de 12 semaines « looking for the shores of life in San Francisco ». A proposal qu’Elon Musk aura accept.

It’s an indiqué that anyone can break away from the contextual connection that is indian if je faites defiler trop longtemps. It is possible to improve the relevance of the research results. Counterpart to temporary workers, Elon Musk has announced that the comptes suspendus and a license of nombreux are ingenieurs.

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