Elago sort un support magnétique pour iPad Pro façon iMac M1


The Elago brand supports new devices for iPad Pro inspired by the iMac and available accessories in more colors.

Perfectly in sync with sorting new iPad Pro M2 d’Apple with multiple devices, Elago also has a number of accessories. This is how a magnetic support for the iPad Pro made of high-quality aluminum, inspired by the design of the iMac, is available in quatre coloris. The company is launching a series of corporate identities in different styles. The two new generations complete the last generations of Apple’s iPad.

Des supports for iPad Pro très Apple

They’ve got a name that’s suitable for AirPods (GameBoy, Macintosh, Beats), and they’ve got iPhone apps with silicon for the quality of their home, and the latest new orientation against the height of the game. The new magnetic support for the iPad from Elago comes in the form of an aluminum holder inspired by the support that fits the iMac and Apple Studio Display.

You can accompany your new tablet for a quiet journey, with keyboard and souris / trackpad, and SideCar for the iPad’s transformer in second place.

elago ipad pro m2 standard support

To accompany the new magnetic support for iPad, suggest new magnetic holder for iPad Pro 11 and 12.9 cases. Compatible with older generations, and comprising the new M1 and M2 models, these can be fitted to your tablet for protection and additional function. The purpose is to make it possible to support the correspondent. If you are a simple user who supports an iPad control, you can use a small magnetic holder that uses your device for various memes functionalities.

Chacun des etuis is the composition of the two pieces that are magnétiquement au dos de je appareil. De partie recouvrante pour l’écran est également amovible sans le reste de la housse, ce qui signifie que vous pouvez bénéficier d’une protection supplémentaire à l’arrière de your appareil or utiliser le support magnétique without avoir à ajouter la housse au mélange.

New accessories available for the iPad Pro can be purchased from Amazon at a price of 99 euros, so the price of a few products from Pitaka suggests that the même chooses more style and modern with a carbon effect.

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