Des heurts éclatent dans la principale usine de production d’iPhone en Chine


The current situation in Zhengzhou, in the plus grande usine production of iPhone au monde. Après plusieurs semaines marquées par des measures against Covid drastiques, des émeutes on éclaté dans la nuit de mardi à mercredi. The centaines of employees of Foxconn, Apple’s subordinate, offend the user’s security services.

D’après a source of Bloomberg, the manifestation is a start of the day and leads to the salaires impayés and de la crainte causing the propagation of Covid-19 au sein des effectifs. Des ouvriers have been blessed with the insults and Foxconn has appealed to the anti-police.

In October, the employees working in the «iPhone city» in an exceptional situation after the découverte of a foyer of coronavirus contamination: fermeture des cantines (repas pris dans dortoirs), functionnement en circuit fermé, absence of soins for certain maladies…

If you authorize a psychosis by Covid, the entouré de fausses alarming rumours, imposing comme celle voulant que l’armée on Zhengzhou is an experience with “Vivre avec le Covid” for your combined personnes meurent. If one of the videos of the derniers is part of the social contacts, the workers who are a superior and remettante and ask questions about the results of the leurs tests Covid. « You can be sure that you are positive about Covid maintenance »s’insurge an Ouvrier. « Vous nous envoyez à la mort »declare an author.

At Foxconn après, the normal operation of the mercredi is soir. If you investigate, the companies know that there is an explanation of the protests, but you can be sure that the most important obligations are not being followed. « If the contract has not changed, it is possible that you will get the first priority. Ils nous mettent en quarantine sans nous donner à manger »a statement from a Foxconn employee who directly circulates the events BBC.

The Zhengzhou user, with more than 200,000 workers, is responsible for the vast majority of iPhone 14 production across all models. Apple is waiting for the moment to start the moment « COVID‑19 restrictions affect temporary use of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max in Zhengzhou, China » this is due to availability of iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max series « plus faibles que ce qui était prévu. »

Apple has not been explicit about the last years left in Zhengzhou.

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