Des centaines d’iPhone ont été saisis dans des magasins au Brésil


Après avoir interdit la vente d’iPhone sans chargeur sur le territoire, les autorités brésiliennes on saisis the centaines d’iPhone presently the magazines in la capitale Brasília.

In September, avant the sortie of l’iPhone 14, the governorate of brésilien a interdit à Apple de vendre ses iphone sans chargeur sur le territoire. The Firme de Cupertino is available in the European Union change of 2.36 million euros pour avoir expédié des appareils incomplets au Brésil. At one point, the Brésil lazy a new change of 19 million euros for social dommages.

iPhone 14 © Thai Nguyen / Unsplash

And dépit des amendes et de l’interdiction, Apple continues with iPhone au Brésil, and includes the new iPhone 14 which is not known as the Pro model of the new Dynamic Island. Certainly, les autorités brésiliennes sont passées à l’étape supérieure. The centaines d’iPhone are wary in the magazines of the capital Brasília.

Le régulateur brésilien “abuse of the pouvoir” confiscated iPhone, select a judge

On a report from Tecnoblog, Procon-DF is the federal regulator and in charge of protecting consommateurs and saisi « des centaines d’iPhone in several magazines in Brasilia ». The effect of the apple « Operation Dismissal ” Fat Force Apple to comply with local law. In fact, the iPhone can be sold without a charger. For the competent authorities, buy the iPhone without a charger « une pratique discriminatoire délibérée à l’encontre des consommateurs ».

The iPhone is always sold per from Apple’s commercial vendors or telecommunications magazines. Apple Brésil has made an ensuite question to the competent authority of the authorization of the iPhone vents and the process decision. A porte-parole and confirmed by Tecnoblog that the iPhone will soon be sold on Brésil for the time being.

At the end of the decision, judge Diego Câmara Alves gave Apple permission for the iPhone. Selon lui, the firm of Cupertino n’est only a violation of the rights of the consommateurs. I can confirm that the régulateur brésilien « abuse the son pouvoir ». Anyway, Apple writes the lawsuit about customers « know the different charging options and the connection of our clothes ». No, it seems that Apple has a lot of new problems. The telecommande Siri Remote uses the new generation of Apple TV and is suitable for four people without a cable for the charger. Au Bresil, the new Apple TV 4K is available with a cable for the Siri Remote.

Source: 9to5Mac

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