Découvrez comment profiter d’un iPhone ou Galaxy à partir de 9,99€/mois chez Pixmania


The site Pixmania revient en grandes pompes et avec un but clair et net: proposal of high price smartphones for a small price to an innovative financial solution. You can comment on your explanation on an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy for a price of €9.99/month at Pixmania.

Après 10 ans en tant que site leader du e-commerce europeen, Pixmania has been reinvented this année! Fini les multimedia products in different genres, Pixmania passe à la vertical et se specialized dans l’univers du mobile avec une seule volonté: rendre les produits high-tech accessible à tous, qu’import your budget.

Pixmania has recovered from inflation and has good practical ecologies and proposes the repairs of les smartphones, the reprise of mobile phones and the vente de téléphones reconditionnés avec comme objectif de faire durer les appareils plus longtemps possible grâce à la reprise des old clothes, the repair and the reconditioning.

Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone version, Pixmania is for you a proposal for nombreux models at 9.99 € / month. If all goes well, the site proposes a financing solution for Pixeasy!

You can afford your product from High Tech and seniors and you can purchase a mobile device, Pixcare’s warranty, the AirPods, an iPad and you can make sure you can use your mobile device, pay a little bit for your money.. Aussi, chez Pixmania, you bought a smartphone, the site has the reprise price of 24 months for your honest economizer on your period. And what’s more, you can buy an old app with Pixtrade, for a benefit of the price of your purchase.

You can estimate the price of the reprise of your old smartphone on a part of the product sheet or the direction of your panier. You will receive your reimbursement ensuite after your purchase and one of your old mobile devices will have a Pixmania diagnostic in his son French lab. Good service, for example, you can take advantage of an iPhone 14 at a price of € 493 and buy an old iPhone 12 128Go.

Dernier advantage, and these months, the site offers you a mobile changer for a smartphone encore plus a large number of options for the duration of the financial choice. You are sure of certain toujours à la pointe de la technology!

iPhone or Galaxy at €9.99/month: comment fair?

For a mobile advantage of Pixmania’s no-mess game play, you can choose your following tapes:

  • Selection of the mobile qui vous intéresse sur le site (neuf or reconditionné)
  • Determine the duration of your payment term (maximum 36 months)
  • Choose the option to renovate your app if you want to save encore plus and benefit from the revival of your old mobile devices with Pixtrade
  • Give a warranty on Pixcare
  • Include any accessories you can integrate into your period

One of the 5 etapes effectuées, you receive your mobile device and your accessories and your own bathroom pays for your little one, without ruin!

This article is a sponsored publication of Pixmania.

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