Cyber Monday : l’iPhone 11 à prix canon et jusqu’à


The offer of Black Friday RED from SFR with only – 400€ on a selection of smartphones now and débloqués for all our operators runs until Monday 28 November at min. A nouveau voucher special plan Cyber ​​​​Monday a débarqué aujourd’hui sur le site en ligne RED by SFR avec l’iPhone 11 qui passe sous la barre des 500€. You can be sure to do a minimum of business in advance and then the limited stock available chez RED by SFR

Le bon plan Cyber ​​​​Monday signé RED by SFR : l’iPhonre 11 neuf sous la barre des 500€

On the occasion of Cyber ​​Monday, there is a possibility chopper l’iPhone 11 available at RED BY SFR. In fact, the operator vous proposes an immediate rebate of 40€ for the purchase of a smartphone d’Apple now and débloqué for all operators. Grâce à cette reduction, il passe sous la barre des 500€. You can buy the iPhone 11 64 without a flat fee from € 489 to € 529. The quantities are not limited if you plan to plan, one minute per minute.

L’iPhone 11 proposes a photo experience that can be seen double clothing photo 12 + 12 MP. If you film and retouch in 4K at up to 60 frames per second, it is possible to use photos. Son Ecran Liquid Retina HD (1 792 x 828 pixels at 326 ppp), LCD Multi-Touch tout écran de 6.1 sachets With the IPS technology, it offers a realistic display, beautiful colors and a very high brightness (only 625 nits). For ailleurs, if you plan to come, the far conversion is possible through a double exchange procedure. Equipped with Face ID technology, you can use your iPhone immediately. The iPhone 11 can be kept up to 2 meters from the profon door for a maximum of 30 minutes. Finally, the embarque processeur A13 Bionic offers an autonomy of one trip and an integrated charging point.

Jusqu’à – 400€ de remise sur votre Smartphone avant ce soir minuit

SFR’s operator RED has plans for a new smartphone from major brands. promotions proposed on the occasion of Black Friday disparaîtront ce lundi 28 novembre minuit et dans la limite des stocks available. You can choose to purchase a smartphone at a price offered now or a partner at a flat rate sans commitment from the operator. Voici les meilleures affaires à saisir:

Et plein d’autres références à retrouver direction sur le site en ligne RED by SFR avant le 28 novembre minuit.

promo black Week RED BY SFR smartphone

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