Comparatif iPhone 14 VS iPhone 12 : toutes les différences


Quoi de mieux with the iPhone 14 ?

le storage

To begin with, there is a great knowledge of buying an iPhone 14 and you can’t afford to keep the storage capacity of an iPhone 12. passerby the 64 Go for the iPhone 12 to 128 Go for the iPhone 14. The two editions are available at once with 256 Go. And revenge, pour passer aux 512 Gowhen it comes to a mandatory investment in an iPhone 12. It is good to know that the space is not expandable (a slot for SD cards on iPhone 12 and iPhone 14).

Un meilleur appareil’s photo

Autre différence clé: les capteurs photo. Nous avons droit à deux objects sur chaque iPhone, bien qu’agencés différemt. In fact, ceux-ci sont disposés viz quince sur l’iPhone 14 alors qu’ils sont aligned with the coque au dos de l’iPhone 12. More information.

No, if you switch vaiment, if you’re on the iPhone 14, Apple suggests Mise au point automatique alors qu’elle n’est que manuelle pour l’iPhone 12, en ce qui concerns le capteur frontally. Toujours à l’avant, il faut aussi savoir que l’ouverture proposée est de ƒ/1.9 pour le modèle le plus recent. The iPhone 14 capture does not benefit the iPhone 12’s illumination, limited to ƒ/2.2. The two mobile phones are equipped with one lentille of meme definition: douze megapixels.

iPhone 14 ©

Du côté de la video cependant, le Cinematic mode It is possible that the focus of intelligent people is proposing the iPhone 14. The iPhone 12 has capabilities for disabling this feature, but Cupertino no longer has any features. If you capture the dorsal photo from the camera, the overtures are not comparable to an iPhone 14.

Autonomy: iPhone 12 VS iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 has had a long run time to charge the iPhone 12. dix neuf heures and vingt-huit minutes for the new model, selon le test réalisé par nos confrères de chez 01net. With an iPhone 12, there is a limit of two to four minutes and versatile use. Soit deux heures de moins!

As a result, the best results are researched in Apple’s lab.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 ©

Quelques functionalities and plus

Au-dela du Cinematic modea great knowledge of the iPhone 14 probe with the features of the feature accident detection. Celle-ci take advantage of the various capturers using the micro, the acceleration or encore of the GPS for accident reconnaissance and voiture or a camion.

Once the iPhone 12 is known, the comparison with the technical sheet is one of the things you need to dispose of the device. C’est vraiment dommage. Avec ceci, ce sont les Styles photosso there is a filter selection for retouching clichés, which are suitable for iPhone 14.

Pour en finir avec les logical differences, op peut enfin évoquer la connectivity satellite. Celle-ci est encore reserves aux iPhone 14, aux iPhone 14 Plus and aux iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 ©

The iPhone 14 is plus performant

The difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 12 brand: the best. Apple made the choice to process the iPhone 13 Pro processor from the iPhone 14, so it’s an A15 Bionic with a six-processor CPU and a multi-processor GPU. The iPhone 12, in part, a backward generation and a droit à la puce A14 Bionic avec un cœur de carte graphique en moins. This means your iPhone 14 sera plus adapté for gaming and what you can buy.

The benchmarks that make the iPhone 14 outperform the iPhone 12. With the Geekbench 5 app, we achieved a score of 4,616 points with an iPhone 14 that flew in a block (multiple users) resulting in 3,864 points ” pour an iPhone 12 in the terms of my life.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 ©

Many advantages of an iPhone 12

Plus the choice of colours

Customize our maintenance when purchasing an iPhone 12. You can start by requesting color offers in the Apple Store. Ici, the manufacturer has edited the mobile phone in six different versions: mauve, bleu (notre favori), vert, rouge, blanc or noir. Whether iPhone 14: blue, mauve, minuit, bright light or red. If you have an iPhone 14 that is clear, it may also be purple.

Un price bien plus benefits

The iPhone 12 should be available to compare with the iPhone 14. The following rates apply:

  • iPhone 12 (64 Go): 809 euros
  • iPhone 12 (128 Go): 859 euros
  • iPhone 12 (256 Go): 979 euros
  • iPhone 14 (128 Go): 1 019 euros
  • iPhone 14 (256 Go): 1 149 euros
  • iPhone 14 (512 Go): 1,409 euros
iPhone 14

iPhone 14 ©

Sometimes, the iPhone 14 costs 210 euros plus the iPhone 12 in a basic version. It is possible that there is a duplicate reminder, which is most likely the most important function of a process and fast processing.

L’iPhone 12 plus minced meat

Côté design, au-delà des couleurs, l’iPhone 12 and l’iPhone 14 resemble beaucoup. An advantage of the waist concerns the model of recent times: one encoche plus discreet, large quantities. Out of revenge, The iPhone 12 is available on time que l’iPhone 14. On constate one difference of quelques grammes au level de la masse. Ceci pourra jouer pour les habits des jeans slim. If it is difficult to use an iPhone 11 on an iPhone 12 or use an iPhone 13 on an iPhone 14, you can make an extra investment.

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 ©

Écouteurs incl

Apple includes the filaires of the écouteurs EarPods in the holder of the iPhone 12. With the iPhone 14 it’s over. Pas de chargeur non plus, ni avec l’un ni avec l’autre.

Ce qui ne change pas

So again, iPhone 12 and iPhone 14 are fine many similarities. Anyway, notament, offre la même definition et fait la même taille si l’on exclusive de cas de l’encoche réduite sur iPhone 14. The choice of materials for the chassis, eux aussi, sont identiques. Anyway, the iPhone 14 is equipped with Bluetooth 5.3 with version 5.0 for the iPhone 12, but it may be negligible. Other aspects of telecommunications are similar: Wi-Fi, 5G, AirDrop…

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 © Apple

Par ailleurs, the solution of déverrouillage biométrique de Face ID is available on iPhone 12 and iPhone 14. Anyway, for the points of the community, be aware of the resistance à l’eau It is the party with two opponents, which establishes dual port integration for the carte SIM card and the Lightning price for the power supply.

Notre avis: nous préférons choisir l’iPhone 12

In short, what can you conclude? The iPhone 14 and the iPhone 12 look like beauty, but there are still differences in name. The photo of the device was taken with the latest model, and it has a great advantage or autonomy. Même surees functionnalités sont absentes de l’iPhone 12.

iPhone 14

iPhone 14 © Apple

Confirm, for now, ces differences are not justified pass the price of 25%. Preferably don’t choose an iPhone 12 or allow the clichés by mettent to get the best results from most people. If the vrais professionals feront d’ailleurs la différence, mais cen ne sont pas les cibles privilégiées d’Apple. If you’re looking for a big or higher-level performance, you can compare the iPhone 14 Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro.

iPhone 12

809 €

iPhone 12

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