Comment réinitialiser un iPhone ?


The names of situations can cause iPhone to reinitialize without code without iTunes, but you can’t know how much information about your compte Apple ID you can use to install iPhone without code. A reinitialized user can use a phone that is set as default, a new user configuration is possible with a passe-iPhone option. If you have a phone registered to an Apple ID, it’s hard to wipe out an iPhone without email and not use it. In this article you can reinitialize your note on an iPhone, this is it!

Want to know if you can use iPhone passe-partout without iTunes?

Whether you bought an iPhone, a panic attack, an article in the list, you get two free solutions and one of the solutions for more quick and more practical solutions.

Several façons exist that differ in the settings of the parameters of using an iPhone. In this article, nous vous montrerons comment herinitializer un iPhone via les réglages d’usine, comment utiliser un logiciel special forsque you avez your identifier Apple, and comment utiliser iTunes pour herinitialiser your iPhone.

Reset an iPhone without code and without iTunes?

Method 1. The solution is quick and practical for reinitializing iphone without code and without itunes

Tenorshare 4uKey is a solution suitable for your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Il peut reset iPhone without code without iTunes, suppress the code of access to your device in situations without Apple ID and the passe-partout. If your device is so irreplaceable, if you want to deactivate the Apple ID or if you used the passcode, it will work in this case. Il vous aide à éliminer la situation en un rien de temps. It is able to suppress the access code, the code to access the access to the MDM connection.

La meilleure partie est que vous pouvez utiliser Tenorshare 4uKey without experience and expertise. It is worth using simple tapes, and the tour is yours. If you are looking for a solution to reinitialize an iPad and you can use Face ID, you can use Tenorshare 4uKey. It works on different versions of iOS/iPadOS and on iPad/iPhone models available for Mac and PC administrators.

  • Stage 1: Téléchargement Free Tenorshare 4Ukey and install the logic at your coordinate. Launch the logic and select the option «Unlock Apple ID». L’écran suivant s’affiche:

Tenorshare 4ukey Deverouiller Ecran Ios

  • Step 2 : You have several options on your screen. Par défaut, the deverrouillage mode of the iPhone is selected. Click on Start.
  • Step 3 : Connect your iPad to the computer, and the logical discovery of the device’s automation. Cliquez sur Suivant pour continuer.
  • Step 4 : You have developed a mode of reinitiating your clothes. You can put the instructions on the tape on the logic. Suivez-les et mettez votre appareil en mode de recupération.
  • Step 5 : The logic detection of the micro logic suitable for the iPad. You have made a selection of the placement on your coordinate and click on the Télécharger button. Le téléchargement du micrologiciel se fera tout seul.
  • Step 6 : Well, click Start to uninstall. The logic of the beginning of the reinitialization process. Vous devez attendre quelques minutes. You can put the suppression message on the logic. You can maintain your clothes.

Tenorshare 4ukey Suppression Code Access écran Iphone

Vous trouverez également 3 solutions to reset iPhone without code in this video:

Method 2. Turn off an iPhone in a way other than the passe with iCloud

This is the second solution possible for deactivating an iPone, more comporte quelques prequis qui peuvent être bloquant. Your iPad connects to iCloud and the “Trouver mon iPhone” function is activated. You can use your own iPhone with the help of Voici commentary cela fonctionne:

  • Step 1 : Visit the site and connect to your computer.
  • Step 2 : Selection of maintenance Trouver mon iPhone > Cliquez sur «Tous les appareils» and choice of your equipment.
  • Step 3 : Appuyez on « Delete iPhone » and it is a start to clear your iPad data.


If you use iOS apps, you can be careful about the pluses of your iPhone app, and you can reinitialize your iPhone comments. This article contains more methods on how to develop an iPhone without code, with advantages and disadvantages. For instance, using iTunes is only convivial and a block of souvent, and clearing the données to the aid of the Find My option is a total des données. However, you recommend us to write your essay 4uKey for how to reinitialize iPhone without code without iTunes, it is possible for you to complete the process in a few minutes.

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