Comment regarder la Coupe du monde sur iPhone, iPad, Apple TV et sur le Web, ainsi que des rediffusions gratuites du match complet


The Coupe du Monde of FIFA 2022 has arrived, the sport of life plus what concerns the planet. Leaving your own home, desk, or office, you can comment on the coupe of the world on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and the web.

The Coupe du monde 2022 has an official debut on November 20 avec quarterfinals and semifinals commençant en décembre and the match final prevu for the December 18.

Bien que Fox ait les droits exclusifs sur les émissions and anglais aux États-Unis pour les matches en direct, I propose des rediffusions completely free on Tubi.

Fox Sports has recreated the application for an experienced experience and offers the option of personalization for your equipment and preferences.

« The latest application from FOX Sports, suitable for modern sports fans. Histories. And instantly. Equipes, joueurs et ligues préférés. scores. Chances. And beaucoup plus. »

Comment regarding the coupe of the world on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and the web

As regards

  • Fox Sports focuses on English law on the coupe of the world with American universities and scattered games on Fox or FS1
  • Des rediffusions gratuites du match complet sont availables sur Tubi (or Tubi for iOS/Apple TV)


  1. Download the Fox Sports application (free for iPhone, iPad, Apple TV) or rendezvous at
  2. Vous serez besoin d’un identifiant the fournisseur the télévision watch the matches and direct
    • However, Fox Sports offers a generally free aperçu of a heure lorsque vous begin with regard to the coverture.
  3. DirectTV Stream, Hulu Live TV or YouTube TV offer the option of instant access to Fox and Fox Sports for the global coupe without avoir of a traditional television channel

Voici the full calendar of the Coupe du Monde of la FIFA 2022:

Dimanche November 20

Qatar against equator, 11 AM HE on FS1

Monday November 21

Angleterre v Iran, 8PM HE on FS1
Senegal vs Pays-Bas, 11am HE on FOX
États-Unis contre Pays de Galles, 2 pm HE sur FOX

Tuesday November 22

Argentinian contre Arabie saoudite, 5 hours HE sur FS1
Denmark vs Tunisia, 8pm HE on FS1
Mexican vs Poland, 11am on FOX
France vs Australia, 2pm HE sur FOX

Mercredi November 23

Morocco v Croatia, 5PM HE on FS1
Germany v Japan, 8 h HE on FS1
France v Costa Rica, 11am HE sur FOX
Belgium against Canada, 2 pm HE on FOX

Thursday, November 24

Suisse contre Cameroun, 5 h HE sur FS1
Uruguay v Corée du Sud, 8PM HE on FS1
Portugal v Ghana, 11am HE on FOX
Brésil vs Serbia, 2pm HE on FOX

Friday November 25

Pays de Galles v Iran, 5PM HE on FS1
Qatar vs Senegal, 8pm HE on FS1
Pays-Bas contre Équateur, 11 h HE sur FOX
Angleterre against États-Unis, 14 h HE sur FOX

Saturday November 26

Tunisia v Australia, 5pm HE on FS1
Pologne contre Arabie saoudite, 8 h HE sur FS1
France v Denmark, 11am HE sur FS1
Argentina vs Mexico, 2pm HE on FS1

Dimanche 27 November

Japan v Costa Rica, 5PM HE on FS1
Belgique contre Maroc, 8 h HE sur FS1
Croatia v Canada, 11am HE on FS1
France v Allemagne, 2 pm HE sur FS1

Monday November 28

Cameroon vs Serbia, 5PM HE on FS1
Corée du Sud contre Ghana, 8 AM on FS1
Brésil vs Suisse, 11am HE on FOX
Portugal vs Uruguay, 2pm HE sur FOX

Tuesday November 29

Pays-Bas v Qatar, 10am HE on *FOX
Equivalent to Sénégal, 10 AM on *FS1
Pays de Galles v Angleterre, 2pm HE on FS1
Iran v États-Unis, 14 h HE on FOX

Mercredi November 30

Tunisia vs France, 10am HE on *FOX
Australia v Denmark, 10am HE on *FS1
Arabie saoudite contre Mexique, 14 h HE sur * FS1
Pologne contre Argentine, 14 h HE sur * FOX

Thursday December 1

Croatia vs Belgium, 10am HE on *FOX
Canada vs Morocco, 10am HE on *FS1
Japan v France, 2pm HE on *FOX
Costa Rica v Allemagne, 2PM HE on *FS1

Friday December 2

Corée du Sud contre Portugal, 10 AM HE sur * FOX
Ghana v Uruguay, 10am HE on *FS1
Servie contre Suisse, 14 h HE sur * FS1
Cameroon vs Brésil, 2pm HE on *FOX


Saturday December 3

1A vs. 2B, 10 AM on FOX
1C against 2D, 14 hours HE on FOX

December 4th Dimanche

1D vs 2C, 10am HE on FOX
1B vs. 2A, 2PM HE on FOX

Monday December 5

1E vs 2F, 10AM HE on FOX
1G against 2H, 14 hours HE on FOX

Tuesday December 6

1F against 2E, 10 AM on FOX
1H vs. 2G, 2PM HE on FOX


Friday December 9

W53 vs W54, 10 AM on FOX
W49 vs W50, 2pm HE on FOX

Saturday December 10

W55 vs W56, 10 AM on FOX
W51 vs W52, 2PM HE on FOX


Tuesday December 13

W57 vs W58, 2pm HE on FOX

Mercredi December 14

W59 vs W60, 2pm HE on FOX


Saturday December 17

RU61 vs RU62, 10am HE on FOX


Sunday December 18

W61 vs W62, 10 AM on FOX

*Sous reserve de modifications

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