Comment envoyer un message vocal sur un iPhone avec iOS 16


Apple proposes that the années a moyen d’envoyer des notes vocals sur iMessage, mais la méthode a change pour les utilisateurs d’iPhone qui ont recemment mis à level vers iOS 16.

Apple authorizes iPhone users to voice iMessage vocal notes, but the method to change in iOS 16. With Messages app on iPhone, it is easy to send text messages more than certain situations, users can never measure a message down. C’est là que les messages vocaux sont utils. If you know you are using part of the message, the users may send a message that is long tapered.

Beyond the voice message feature, iOS 16 caters to multiple Messages features and users. For example, users can edit messages or send messages, mark the conversations that are not good and contain the most important messages. Plus, Apple introduced SharePlay for the messages, which allows the visualization of the contents of the chansons and the movies in a chat.

In iOS 15, users can record an audio message in the application messages and can be maintained as the vocal message in the form of a text message. However, Apple has changed in iOS 16 and replaced the voice message voice with the dictation. If you’re sending a vocal message, it’s helpful to use the microphone on the lyricist, the active dictation vocal, if the band uses it. Write a voice message on an iPhone with iOS 16, the users can chat with the destination and appuyer on the tone of voice (which resembles the vague) then the barre of applications, proposing multiple options for lesson photos, l’App Store, Fitness, et plus.

Send the voice messages on iPhone

One of the ways you can select the audio of messages is a button of the microphone rouge in the bass of the microphone with an invitation indiquant «Appuyez of maintenez pour enregistrer». Two façons exist for recording a message audio on iOS 16. On board, the users can appuyer sur l’icône du microphone pour démarrer l’enregistrement et à nouveau pour l’arrêter, après quoi, l’icône du microphone U you can turn the reading/pause into a moment where you can previsualize the audio of the message. Send the message, appuyez sur la flèche bleue versus la droite du champ de texte. Pour le supprimer, appuyez sur l’icône ‘x’ dans le champ de texte. You can maintain the microphone and record the vocal message. It is a method of sending the message that you can use to connect the microphone. If you cancel the message’s audio call, you won’t be able to import the bouton in the correct direction.

If you have changed the method of recording a message in iOS 16, chances are you do. The users can use appuyer to give a lecture or use their iPhone to read the vocal message. Après avoirécouté le message vocal, les utilisateurs can operate their iPhone to write a response or the honest manual operation. If all goes well, the two-minute messages per chat will be deleted in iMessage. To save the message, the forwarder or the destination of the appuyer on « Conserver ». It is possible that there are many messages that disable the audio of the iPhone disparaissent in the parameters.

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