Comment choisir un premier iPhone pour un(e) jeune ado ?


Les toutes premieres années du collège sont souvent l’occasion de confier à un jeune ado son premier vrai téléphone avec un forfait. A new responsibility, an autonomy and a casse-tête for parents who prefer the bon telephone, a modèle qui tient la route sans trouer le compte en banque.

The last time someone has a loin is most parents get the chance to pay, the child’s pressure for his son’s phone has no certainty of the recurrence.

An iPhone X passé d’un parent à un enfant …

You’re sure to have one of these things you’ll find the history of your camaraderie with the next iPhone or your presque poster. If there are exceptions, is this a tourer for a premium equipment and other criteria? Auto le prix n’est pass le seul.

Plus about the history of more recent models, plus about the risk of your own compatibility with the functions or applications that are relevant. By chance, if the iPhone is not trusted, most systems cannot be reserved for the most popular models. If it is not mandatory to choose between flambant neuf or the recommended assortment.

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