ColorOS 13 est le système d’exploitation le plus rapide de l’histoire d’OPPO


OPPO has officially announced that the ColorOS 13 operating system has come into effect and the mobile phone has the plus shortcuts of users reporting on previous versions of these operating systems. The most important global technology brand is an improved policy of yours in ColorOS for including four mises in your Android majors and a number of security improvements for certain mobile phone ranges in 2023.
ColorOS 13, the new OPPO Android operating system, is made for simplicity, commodité and precision with a brand new Aquamorphic design. The new operating system includes a series of interesting features that tell the Smart Always-On Display function, which allows users to operate applications and verify additional information without deverrouillerer, and the Multi-Screen Connect function which is available on the OPPO phone. d’être connecté. As the administrator, and plus the admin function, you need to ensure a simple and integrated experience for the users around the world.
ColorOS 13 is sorted on August 18, 2022 on 33 OPPO smartphone models in the world, it is a fact that ColorOS has quickly become yours and much more important. From October 18, 2021 to February 11, 2022, there are 50% mobile phones compatible with ColorOS 13. Please note, the worldwide launch of ColorOS 13 comptait 3 fois plus d’utilisateurs que ColorOS 12 sur la meme période.
Deployment is fast with ColorOS 13

OPPO recently announced the new ColorOS political situation, guaranteeing the respect of ColorOS’s four power crimes to 5 years and the security of the world’s users on certain OPPO mobile phones from 2023, but the four years are a plus intelligent and plus long-term stable using experience. There is an OPPO multi-user engagement that has priority.
La mise à jour ColorOS 13 is désormais available on the smartphones OPPO in Morocco.

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