Chine : Foxconn propose une prime à ses salariés pour les dissuader de partir


Published on 28 Nov. 2022 at 7:01

Foxconn sorts the chéquier for the crisis situation. The Taiwanese group, not the giant usine of Zhengzhou and China, is one of the first half of next week’s violent manifestations, and the choice of primes can be as high as 13,000 yuan (1,742 euros) at a time. Objective: The maintenance of the effects is not necessary to do more than the great use of the iPhone au monde.

If a note has been circulated over the weekend, Foxconn knows exactly what it’s like to work in December and January during work in the square and again at the group’s debut in November or plus tôt. The following week, the group will offer top prizes of 10,000 yuan (1,340 euros) to job seekers leaving the campus. It is very important that new residents can personally participate in manifestations.

Déjà plus the 20,000 departures

It protests against the measures limiting the spread of Covid-19. The novelties popular with most people, which can cost 3,000 yuan (400 euros) for several working days, can cost 30 yuan. If Foxconn fails, you can hold back the public’s apology.

The bonus residents announced over the weekend that Foxconn was so urgently asking the faire tourner about new mounting chains on pleine vitesse. L’usine de Zhengzhou, surnommée « iPhone city », plus the 200,000 persons, qui résident pour la plupart à l’année sur place, in the dortoirs. Or, plus the 20,000 nouvelles recrues seraient parties après les manifestations.

Apple sous pressure

The disruptions during the production of an iPhone 30% of iPhone production estimate a source on file. It is the situation in which the rest of the series leads to the decision of the authorities, who install sanitary confinement in the districts of Zhengzhou for the coming time.

Apple has stated that it has a military partnership with Foxconn to run the operations and the two sociétés on an express basis to ensure the safety of the travailleurs. The waist is suitable for the firmness of the iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max have no devices that are sold anymore.

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