cette nouveauté rappelle beaucoup les iPhone 14


The Galaxy S23 is equipped with a new functionality that is very extensive on current smartphones. This new version from Samsung is one of the features of the Apple iPhone 14 and Huawei’s Mate 50.

D’après les informations de nos confrères d’ETNews, les Galaxy S23 embarqueraient a satellite communications system. The media confirm that the group sud-coréen travaille sur cette fonctionnalité depuis au moins deux ans. When you get a reminder, an informant gets a message about the latest version of Samsung’s smartphones, and that’s your question.

Samsung serait don the 3rd constructor including a smartphone satellite communication system. In September, Apple made a call on an analog system for iPhone 14. The functionality makes it possible to send the app app or the urgency SMS by satellite, in the zones inaccessible to mobile phones. If so, Huawei has developed a communications satellite system that allows you to use multiple phones, the Mate 50.

The first details about the communication from the satellite of the Galaxy S23

When it comes to functionality, Samsung and noué a partnership with Iridium, a venture fund in 1991 by Motorola’s old cadres. The company has 66 communication satellites in orbit around the earth. It is a fact that Iridium is an official announcement not endorsed by any smartphone manufacturer, but you cannot keep the moment a secret.

« The agreement of the development is preceded by the developers of frais developpe, the improvements and the frais d’utilization du réseau à payer à Iridium »stated the group Iridium in a communiqué published in July 2022.

If so, Apple can use GlobalStar’s satellites. Cantonné à la Chine, Huawei’s system quantitatively rests on Baidou’s constellation satellite. It seems that the system is on the verge of sending urgent messages from Samsung. On ETNews, the Galaxy S23 seront is the « transmettre des données tells que des messages texte et des images »tant qu’elles ne sont pas trop lourdes.

Par contre, il ne serait pas possibly the passer des appels vocaux par le bias de ce système. Miniaturized, the antenna satellite is integrated with the Galaxy S23 and has a debit suffisant for the apples. Choose ETNews report, antenna miniaturization is the main defi of Samsung and Iridium.

Be aware of ce que d’autres constructors emboîtent le pas from Samsung, Apple and Huawei in recent years. As a foresight on the democratization of this technology, Google is most involved with Android 14 so that it is able to supercharge the communications of satellites. The mise à jour est attendue au second semestre de l’annee prochaine.

About us: Samsung has found a talent for improving the autonomy of the Galaxy S23

A light source and a nouveau lecteur d’empreintes

At the same time, the informant RGcloudS has revealed part of the technical card of the Galaxy S23 Ultra, the model plus more advanced games. The smartphone is distinguished by a nouveau lecteur d’empreintes Digitales sous l’écran. Samsung made a mistake on Qualcomm’s 3rd generation ultrasonic captor. If all goes well, ignore the program improvements of the current module.

Anyway, the informateur ensures the appearance of the Galaxy S23 Ultra un écran plus lumineux que les précédents fleurons de la marque, with the Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The tactile sense of maximum brightness is between 2100 and 2200 nits, the loin of 1700 nits promises par most Samsung fleurons. The rivalry of the S23 Ultra with the iPhone 14 Pro is ultimately Apple’s 2000 nits.

In the following news items, Samsung presented the Galaxy S23 the summer premiere of February 2023. Be surprised by the arrival of smartphones in the magazines that last more than an hour, a period of pre-commands.

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