Cette fois, c’est sûr (ou presque) : les iPhone 15 passeraient au Wi-Fi 6E


The iPhone 15 battery that premiered with Wi-Fi 6E in the game is the statement of Blayne Curtis and Tom O’Malley, two analysts from the firm Barclays. If you have made the prediction of your choice, it is possible that the duo will start with new standards for the iPhone… 13. From the end of 2020 to the new debut of 2021, it has been announced that Apple’s iPhone presentations will be up to the automatic 2021 adopter of Wi-Fi 6E. It is perhaps the last sort of the unique of Wi-Fi 6 classique, which ends up being an après success.

The iPhone is about Wi-Fi 6 “separately” from the back maintenance (image iGeneration).

Des lors, pourquoi donner du credit à cette nouvelle analysis relayée encore un fois par MacRumors ? You can get the chance Apple uses Wi-Fi 6E on the iPhone coming in September as an opportunity. If there is a part, the version of this version plus a fast de la norm without file in 2023 abroad, surtout sur des smartphones haut de gamme qui peuvent dépasser les 2 000 €. Since then, Wi-Fi 6E has moved into Apple’s catalog, bringing new MacBook Pros and Mac minis with an M2 laptop and your new iPad Pro versions.

You may wonder if new products are Apple seront compatible with Wi-Fi 6E. Most versions of the game, car analysts who are not familiar with the iPhone 15 and the right to use. If you can imagine there is a coupe range with two or more aspects, with Wi-Fi 6E available for « Pro » models.

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