ces objets high-tech qui seront difficiles à trouver pour Noël


Trouver un iPhone 14 Pro is sure of the difficulty of a PlayStation 5!

Do you think the PS5 is hard to get to? Pay attention to the gallery you attend if you use an iPhone 14 Pro. And reason d’un blockage inédit de la plus grande usine de productions en Chinethe delays in the expeditions preceding Noël’s period.

Des pénuries à prévoir pour Noël pour les iPhone

In the context of the reprise of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Chinese government is enforcing sanitary rules on the territory. The political strict provocation of the approval problems without precedent than Foxconn’s assembly in Zhengzhou, Apple’s first iPhone product.

Choose the cabinet estimates JP Morgan, the Expeditions of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max series based on 5 million during the December quarter. The other models register an amount of 3 million in one go over the same period. Trouver un iPhone 14 Pro is sure of the difficulty of a PlayStation 5!

Va-t-on pouvoir trouver des PS5 in the magazines?

Ecolée of 20 million units, ce qui est tout de même très loin des objectifs fixés par Sony, the PlayStation 5 returns to our salons. It is a fact that the changes that are major for the money, the faudra encore attending the following weeks, voire mois, avant d’en resentir les reels effets.

If you have a chance to purchase a PS5 based on the latest version this year, you can try to check Amazon or Cdiscount sites. For everyone, you can ask for direction in the warehouse. It looks like the PS5 is being received as compte-goutte, certainly not close.

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