Ce réglage méconnu transforme votre iPhone caméra professionnelle


The quality of photos and videos of the generations on the smartphone is not augmented. This point of vue, the iPhone, and privately the Pro models, is a fact of the progressive developments – au point que Apple positionne aujourd’huss smartphones comme des outils that can make sure to capture the images of the ce that professional researchers can search image.

From the general iPhone 13 individual, Apple has introduced a new format of video compression, Apple ProRes. When it is not active, it is possible to capture images without manual compression. It is a change from the report on the common HEVC and H.264 compression formats of the brand’s smartphones.

The Apple ProRes format is suitable for professional videos subscribed with iPhone, ma…

Apple ProRes has created a sort of RAW video formats – this is a non-capable format that the operator can use up to 100% to capture video from most iPhones. With a format that is not suitable, you can import a video into Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere or your logic editing preference, you can make the parameter changes happen on your ordinate.

To understand the exposition, the color rendition – there are always aberrations that make the compression in the scenes or the cell compation decoulant. The quoi se demander pourquoi Apple ProRes is not active for permanence on les iPhone compatible… Try to understand it. In fact, the Apple ProRes video files have 30 fois plus volumes that contain the compressed video files in HEVC.

You can be sure that you have enough storage space to use your device before you start capturing videos in any format. Make use of your iCloud storage for maximum free space on your iPhone, and delete the videos from Apple ProRes that you aurez capture after a rush trip (you can send the transfer to a coordinate).

Be aware of the limitations of the Apple ProRes format. Apple accurate and effective: “ProRes est available sur l’ensemble des appareils photo, and compris l’appareil photo avant. I have no price for the Cinématique, Accéléré and Ralenti modes […] ProRes is available for subscriptions with a maximum resolution of 4K at 30 ips, for iPhone models from 128 Go, for subscriptions with unique availability with a resolution of 1080p at 30 ips.”

Are you interested in capturing videos Apple ProRes through your iPhone? Suivez tout simplement les étapes suivantes on iPhone 13 Pro/Max or iPhone 14 Pro/Max (less compatible models):

  1. Come on dance Rules > Appareil Photo > Formats
  2. Activez l’option Apple ProRes

If Appareil photo app, il u faudra toucher the barrée ProRes pour activar l’enregistrement dans ce format – puis clicker sur Enregistrer. You cannot use the format to use the user’s internal storage space.

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