Cdiscount change la donne avec cette offre hallucinante sur l’iPhone 14 avec des AirPods offerts pour le Black Friday


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The iPhone 14 is affiliated with an exclusive promotion from Cdiscount. This is not the only thing to do from the apple range that comes with the AirPods 2 offers!


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À peine commercialise par Apple, déjà en reduction ! The new iPhone 14 from the Cupertino company, took advantage of a nice offer of 128 units.. The smartphone that is highly valued is available at 1179 euros. If you sign up, you can pay and have more monthly services available 24 hours a day if you make a retreat insured by Cdiscount à volonté. Découvrez les autres de avantages de cette adhésion comme son système de cagnotte avec un essai gratuit de 6 jours. Ensuite, la souscription est à 29 euros/an. If not, the iPhone 14 has the features of the new system for iOS 16 exploitation. Bénéficiez de la nouvelle puce A15 Bionic conçue par Apple pour de belles performances. The smartphone responds to autonomy and comparison with previous models!

Click on the iPhone 14 listing with AirPods offers

An iPhone 14 with AirPods 2 offers chez Cdiscount

C’est le plus popular des smartphones 2022 de la game. The iPhone 14 is perfectly suited for use in 3D scout faces, suitable for the A15 Bionic. Ne vous inquiétez pas, toutes les applications sont prizes en charge par ce processor ! Lancez plusieurs tâches en même temps sans subir de ralentissements intempestifs grâce aux belles performances de ce SoC d’exception. Apple has new experiences of multimedia experience and more navigation with one OLED screen with 6.1 screens and fine bezels. The opportunity of découvrir vos jeux et autres videos in the most optimal and comfortable conditions. La battery délivre une enormous autonomy. The dual-module camera captures photos and videos with a high level of detail and realistic colors. The AirPods 2 ensure that a large number of basses are available for the sessions that are a lot of fun.

Click on the iPhone 14 listing with AirPods offers

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