Bons plans iOS : Culur, MudRunner Mobile, Atomic et Fliptastic


Les bons plans iOS du jour: 3 free apps, 1 free jeux and 6 promos with notamment Culur, MudRunner Mobile, Atomic and Fliptastic. Economizer 35.8€ !

Quotidiennement, la rédaction vous déniche les meilleures affaires du jour sur l’App Store : app for free, jeu gratuit or a promo for a limited duration. If you have an iOS application, you can charge the phone with the soldes! Developers can come back anytime, they can use a good iPhone or a good iPad.


Free iOS:

paintiles icone bowling ipa iphone ipadPaint tiles (Jeu, Cassette, iPhone/iPad, v1.3.5, 12 Mo, iOS 12.0, Andrey Spencer) passe de 3.49 € free.

You start simple: you have three suits to watch your carreaux and the honest disparaître. Au fur et à mesure que vous acquérez les compétences necessaires pour résoudre des oneigmes de plus en plus difficiles, vous devez faire face à de nouveaux mécanismes – sol qui s’écroule, bombes, tuiles arc-en-ciel, qui vous font penser de way new and interesting.

Paintiles must un must pour les amateurs de casse-têtes !

Telecharger le jeu gratuit Paint tiles

catch paintiles bowling ipa iphone ipad

Applications Free iOS:

culture icon app ipa iphone ipadCulture (App, iPhone/iPad, v1.3.0, 4 Mo, iOS 13.0) passe de 3.49 € free.

Transform n’import a photo into a color by number, this is quick and easy with culture.

Culture is an application suitable for using photos to quickly create colors for a number of imprimables. Téléchargez a photo of your iPhone and a few seconds in which you can see all the colors that make a big impression. Choose a simple choice for your photo, the colored pencils you can use, the difficulty, and laissez culur faire le reste !

Download the app for free Culture

culture capture app ipa iphone ipad

atomic icone app ipa iphoneAtom (App, iPhone, v1.5, 5 Mo, iOS 13.2, RT Sixty Ltd) passe de 4.99 € free.

Voici Atomic-l’watch atomique des métronomes! Atomic is complete, simple and intuitive. It is the doté of the personal functions and the contrôle du temps d’une precision à toute épreuve.

Atomic integrates a sequence of clicks for your own motives, an automatic tempo of the bpm, a silent click mode, des signatures temporelles avancées, des jeux de couleurs personalisables et plus encore.

The app is simplified to the maximum, with no gadget-inutile. Lesson menus for the selection of temps and division, as well as the control of the tonalité and sustain of sous-comptes and polyrhythm sont can be complete. Il sera incroyablement pratique lors de l’écriture.

Download the app for free Atom

atomic capture app ipa iphone

fliptastic icon app ipa iphone ipadFliptastic (App, iPhone/iPad, v2.1.5, 138 Mo, iOS 12.0, Ting Tze Chuen) passe de 1.99 € free.

There is an application for slideshows of 15 seconds (for Instagram) or 60 seconds that you can share on Facebook, YouTube or email.

Fait par et avec des amoureux d’Instagram. Transform your old photos and the slideshows of those involved with photo filters, transitions, and music, anything that’s easy.

The mini videos of 15 seconds (or 60) with more than 100 photos of the dance, for the partager sur les réseaux.

Download the app for free Fliptastic

fliptastic capture app ipa iphone ipad

Promotions iOS:

mudrunner mobile icons bowling ipa iphone ipadMudRunner mobile (Jeu, Simulation / Course, iPhone / iPad, v1.0.9, 906 Mo, iOS 13.0, Focus Entertainment) pass from €7.99 to €4.99.

MudRunner, the franchise that is a déjà séduit of millions of joueurs, exists in a mobile version.

Whether you’re a Defender or a Wrangler, you can explore all extreme environments for the ultimate off-road experience.

C’est beau, complet et très captivant, peu pour que vous aimiez l’aventure et la difficult!

Telecharger MudRunner mobile €4.99

mudrunner mobile capture bowling ipa iphone ipad

obscura 3 icons app ipa iphoneobscure 3 (App, iPhone, v2022.12, 40 Mo, iOS 14.1, Ben McCarthy) pass from €7.99 to €3.49.

Obscura consists of a moment in version 3, with notamment a new interface or the molette of the control of the previous version and the replacement of a control system based on the control with return haptics. As you develop, you can improve the operation of a next user and the user will have a sensation that will make your user a real reflex numbering on a smartphone.

Comme dans previous versions, Obscura 3 uses prendre des photos in a range of formats including RAW, HEIC, JPEG, Live Photo, and les modes of portrait style, entre autres, with total control over the price of the view et des sensations of vrais appareils grace aux effets et aux vibrations.

Mieux, the app captures and charges the iPhone 14 Pro’s 48-megapixel capture while ProRAW is running in Pro d’Obscura mode. In general, the price can be paid in the zoom mode 2 × native de l’iPhone 14.

Telecharger obscure 3 €3.49

obscura 3 capture app ipa iphone

bless motion eq auv3 plugin icone app ipa iphone ipadBLEASS Motion EQ AUv3 plugin (App, iPhone / iPad, v1.1, 23 Months, iOS 11.0) pass from €8.99 to €5.99.

The Blessa plugin fits a graphical model, with the position of the coupe/boost style fader commands of the three bands getting a constant visual image of the courbe d’égalisation. Unlike a standard graphical convention, the larger frequency bands of BLEASS Motion EQ can be controlled, allowing selection of the frequencies of the particular beach.

If you don’t choose BLEASS Motion EQ, you have the option to use your audio, but it may have a flexible filter function. The filter passe-bas, passe-bande and passe-haut can be used to use the denomination de bande commands. You can create an all-pass filter effect and approximate denomination high and low frequencies.

Telecharger BLEASS Motion EQ AUv3 plugin €5.99

bless motion eq auv3 plugin capture app ipa iphone ipad

iron marines invasion icone jeu ipa iphone ipadIron Marines Invasion (Jeu, Strategy, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.6, 656 Mo, iOS 11.0, Ironhide SA) pass from €4.99 to €1.19.

Dernier jeu de la sage Iron Marines est a prix réduit, a jeu de strategist temps real (RTS) that proposes a solo campaign with deep gameplay and a huge contenu. C’est l’un des jeux du mois de septembre 2022,.

When you create a promotion, you cannot change your genre of titles.

Watch the trailer video:

Les nouveautés are essential for the possibility of combining these competences and allowing these groups to evolve fairly.

Telecharger Iron Marines Invasion €1.19

iron marines invasion catch jeu ipa iphone ipad

moment icons app ipa iphone ipadmoment (App, iPhone/iPad, v4.3.20, 148 Mo, iOS 14.5) pass from €7.99 to €4.99.

Commander manuelles, qualité Optimal, longue exposition en accès rapide aux paramètres sont les atouts de Moment. This camera numérique offers a number of functions for a numérique reflex, mais dans une application de camera rapide et easy à utiliser.

Contrôlez tout manuellement (exposition, ISO, vitesse d’obturation, balance des blancs et mise au point), and photo and video. You can choose the sort format, JPG, RAW or HEIF.

Telecharger moment €4.99

app for capturing moments ipa iphone ipad

be a walker icone jeu ipa iphone ipadBE-A Walker (Jeu, Action, iPhone/iPad, v1.0.8, 335 Mo, iOS 10.0, Games Operators) pass from €6.99 to €3.49.

If you’re original, it’s bien realisé and you can find more amateurs of Star Wars and other SF movies. At the board of your Mecha bipède, you can choose your camp to save a race on the plan of « Eldorado ». Without oxygen, your mission aboard the robot battle sera makes it difficult by substituting manual or automatic selon of your tasks, more than ever manage your oxygen and your gauge.

Seeing the user of your weapons will help you complete your mission. The strategy prime on the power dans ce jeu tiré d’un portage de Switch.

Telecharger BE-Walker €3.49

be a walker capture bowling ipa iphone ipad

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