Black Friday Carrefour spécial téléphonie : des iPhone et Samsung Galaxy à prix cassés


If you attend Black Friday for an honest affair on a smartphone, you can take advantage of the Carrefour odds. Plusieurs models of iPhone and Galaxy smartphones benefit from interesting promotions.

Du côté de Apple

If you’ve done a recent iPhone search, you can run your plan as you wish:

The iPhone 14 black in 128 goes to 1 019€ and benefits from a 15% draw from November 25 to 28. Animated by an Apple Bionic A15 processor and a dual-module device with wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle photos, this is a value sure on a great choice for advertising.

Carrefour proposes from 25 to 28 November a draw fidélité de 15% ainsi qu’une remise de 70€ pour l’achat d’un iPhone 12 reconditionné 64 Go Bleu, qui passe alors de 649€ à 492€. With a great Oled camera, a marathoner’s autonomy and a hyper-versatile camera, the iPhone 12 is a reference.

About reste dans la category reconditionné avec un iPhone X 64 Go argent at €239.99 au lieu de €299.99.

Well Samsung

For Black Friday, Carrefour proposes a fusil sur un Samsung Galaxy S22 noir in 128 Go at 509€ instead of 1 119€, après 260€ the draw immediately and 15% the draw fidélité.
Plébiscité for son Amoled, compacité et son autonomy, the Galaxy S22 is one of the most recent Android smartphones at the moment. Nettement plus abordable, le Galaxy A33 5G black in 128 Go to 299€ instead of 379€.

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