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Update on 25/11 avec the new depots – You are aware of the chanson, the nombreux technical products have been sold by Black Friday 2022. You can miss normal times, iPhone, MacBook, iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch of the Pomme take advantage of the beauty promotions. Pour vous help à y voir plus clair, nous avons sélectionné les rabais les plus intéressants parmicette avalanche d’offres pas toujours très engagementantes.

Le top des bons plans Apple Black Friday 2022

Apple iPhone 11 128 Go at 499€ au lieu de 529€ (-6%) on Darty

If you don’t prefer the iPhone 11 Pro Max, for most “old machine” users who want to renovate the iPhone, we recommend the iPhone 11. processeur (le meme que ses grands frères Pro) plus véloce en monotâche et netment plus performants en multitâche et l’autonomie est satisfaisante. The iPhone 11 has an improved ultra-wide-angle portrait mode, an excellent way to capture photos/videos, and a mode that can be used right now. Digne successor to the iPhone XR, the iPhone 11 is a machine that is very capable and a good report performance / price.

Apple iPhone 12 mini 128 Go at 632€ au lieu de 739€ (-14%) on Amazon

Adios l’iPhone SE. Vote for the small iPhone that is part of the Apple part, the iPhone 12 Mini. As small as it is, the navigation in iOS 14 and the large-to-chassis font ratio of the compact smartphone is one of the most important user devices. There is no incidence in performances, there are excellent photos and videos and getting great images in all conditions. The performance of the iPhone 12 is high at the rendezvous and notons that are plus small smartphone 5G du marché. If you have a consequence of a small phone, this is autonomy. During our testing, the iPhone 12 Mini made a new usage journal with no issues. A big iPhone called Mini.

Apple iPhone 13 128 Go at 849€ au lieu de 909€ on Amazon

The iPhone 13 is the formula of the plus-apple-apple-comme l’a été l’iPhone 12 l’année dernière. The new model could allow the president’s son to gain autonomy from someone else. It may be that the impasse faite over the refinement of 120 Hz reservé aux modèles Pro mais Apple proposes excellent image quality at 60 Hz. Finally, the iPhone is a must-have for anyone looking for a smartphone that covers the entire range.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro 1 up to €1599 instead of €1649 (-3%) on Amazon

If there’s a revolution in your life, the iPhone 13 could be in the lignée of its predecessor. More Apple has created a smartphone worth making the choice. Dommage que son prix soit plus élevé que celui du Google Pixel 6 Pro qui performed dans memes domaines. Of course, the improvements made to the state of the church, the photo/video party and the autonomy are enough for the lazy reasonableness that is a must-have for the habits of iOS.

Apple Watch Series SE (v2) 40 mm at 279€ au lieu de 299€ (-15%) on Darty

The 2022 version of the Apple Watch SE uses the SiP 8 processor and the Series 8, with a maximum speed of 20% and the detection of accidents. Elle garde aussi un prix de lancement inferior à 300 euros.

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular) 40mm at 669€ au lieu de 729€ (-8%) on Amazon

The Apple Watch Series 7 seems to benefit from an « Apple Watch 6s », which is a force majeure situation. If you know how to understand the totally new health experience, you know that the Series 6 heralded the premiere of the Apple Watch, and you charge the oxygen saturation level of singing. In a return, if you use a model similar to the Series 3, the next Montre Apple will impress you with a good tire and avant.

Apple iPad 9 WiFi 64 Go at 349€ au lieu de 439€ (-21%) on Amazon

The iPad 2021 is a basic tablet, can be multi-purpose and represents the best quality report/price tag for the iPad. If you are dealing with the previous model, there is no interest in a changer. In return, if you are older and you have a tablet for your children or for the whole family, c’est la bonne option.

Apple iPad Air 64 Go (2022) at 689€ au lieu de 789€ (-13%) on Darty

The iPad Air 5 benefited from the way the iPad Pro, known as the Apple M1, has a +60% brand advantage. If you can buy a tablet that you can use, you can read more than the tâches plus lourdes comme le montage. Liquid Retina of 10.9 pouces est toujours de la partie. Dommage, in a way that throws out a mini LED or OLED, is the generation of the world.

Apple MacBook Pro M2 13 Pockets, 8 Go RAM, 256 Go SSD à 1399€ au lieu de 1599€ (-13%) on Darty

The premier Mac M2 is available with the most recent versions of version M1, more than that.

Apple AirPods 2 at 119€ au lieu de 159€ (-25%) on Darty

Apple AirPods 2 (2019) + charging point without fil

There are no rival opponents with the most popular models of the marché côté son (difficult avoir of puissant basses with the traditional traditional connoisseurs), AirPods 2019 offer a quality audio offer more than correct, but there may be several écouteurs connection without being extremely fiable, with a latency level très satisfaisant. If you want an induction charger, available as an option, you can use very practical and Bluetooth as very simple, with Android or Windows as a counterpart to the program. In revenge, tactile controls are unrestricted and ineffective, and the absence of isolation can be used in the environment of bruyants. Mais leur plus gros défaut à notre sens, c’est bien leur prix élevé. Anyway, if you do not support the intraauricular devices of the AirPods, the AirPods 2019 demeurent véritablement la meilleure alternative pour vous.

Le Black Friday chez les e-commerce companies

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