Avec le Magic Vs, Honor peaufine la formule de son smartphone pliant


Wait for the series 80, Magic vs vient d’être officialise par Honor. The flexible smartphone, second model of the genre of the Chinese brand’s catalog, apporte des modifications of Magic V is presented and tout début d’année et réservé au marché national. If you keep your own format, the interior of a vertical pleat, more generally. Il ne pèse plus que 261 g, contre 288 g pour son prédécesseur, et mesure désormais 6.1 mm d’épaisseur. The smartphone is promoted by a charnière that can withstand anything.

Internally, Magic Vs is one large Oled of 7.9 pixels with a resolution of 1984 x 2272 pixels, along with Magic V. There is an external display of 6.45 pixels identical to that of the son. Whether the chipset is fit to change, the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 follows 8 Gen 1, more battery equalization. Magic V’s 4700 mAh has an effect of 5000 mAh compatible with a 66 W charge.

C’est enfin la partie photo du smartphone qui profite des modifications plus visible things. In the sillage du Honor 70, still test of the tenant, the terminal is foldable for a main camera of 54 megapixels flanked by an optical wide-angle lens at f/1,9, more than a camera capturer the 50 Mpx accompanied by an ultra-wide angle (let the overture passe de f/2.2 à f/2). The equipment of a troisième module is not depourvu le Honor 70, an acquaintance of a captor of 8 Mpx with a similar object in a zoom x3 (f/2,4), sees a polyvalence interesting in photography.

Magic vs fait ses debuts in China for Magic OS, the brand’s new interface with Android 12. For the future, the commercialization of the smartphone has been uniquely announced in its year of birth, with a starting price of 7499 yuan , environment 1120 € au taux de change current (excluding taxes). George Zhao, the CEO of Honor, announced that the IFA chain has announced terminal bendable suppliers in Europe, there is no other reason to indicate that the brand has announced the launch calendar and confirmed the price of the equipment dance no contradictions .

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