Aucun répit pour Huawei qui représente « un risque inacceptable » selon les États-Unis


The États-Unis have lifted the embargo against Huawei for the insurer that continues future telecommunications products of the Chinese brand in the ban of the American march. “An unacceptable risk” to the citizen is the reason to justify a decision.

Huawei’s flagship store in Shenzhen // Source: Frandroid

Juste au cas où. The United States has issued an embargo against Huawei in 2019 – there are many other Google-branded smartphones that have services banned – but it’s a choice to choose a small bank. Comme l’indique ReutersPresident Joe Biden’s administration has an interdit l’approbation de nouveaux équipements de télécommunications provenant de Huawei (such as the ZTE frappé du meme embargo).

In fact, Washington assures that Huawei’s future products are constantly captivated by the market. Cela n’a rien d’une surprise, mais les autorités américaines en tout de même profité pour glisser un nouveau tacle en expliquant que le géant chinois représentait «an unacceptable risk». The proposed appuyés in a communiqué from the Federal Communications Commission plus the abbreviation FCC. The organization is a note for the validation of telecommunications products intended to be sold worldwide.

Les tensions persistently

The president of the FCC, Jessica Rosenworcel, explains in a statement that «ces nouvelles regles sont one partie importante de nos actions en cours pour protéger le peuple américain des threats de sécurité nationale impliquant les télécommunications». This decision was taken by three new Chinese companies: two security specialists (Dahua Technology and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology) and a supplier of mobile communications equipment (Hytera Communications).

There is another coup by Huawei in the situation that the United States and the China are in. The two great superpowers can have one guerre d’influence in the commercial and geopolitical way. Washington a d’ailleurs appliqué des restricts visant à entraver une grosse partie de l’conomie chinoise. When the time comes, the frictions in the situation of Taiwan’s component can be a particularly sensible topic.

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