Apple : pour l’iPhone 14 Pro à Noël, ça sent le sapin…


News JVTech Apple: for the iPhone 14 Pro on Noël, send it sapin…

If you have a mois de Noël, you will have a unique opportunity to amplify your absence, you cannot use the iPhone 14 Pro d’Apple. With one of the many strong and strong tensions in China and the large use of Foxconn who puts a high priority on manufacturing, the world n’aura has had the opportunity to use an iPhone like sapin.

Chez Foxconn en Chine, rien ne va plus pour Apple

If you have been impressed that the COVID has become a passé, ask for money matters and pensent… Là-bas, the maintenance government essay to start a political dite “zero Covid” and start cela à avoir de serious repercussions on the population and the regime and place.

Alors que la plupart des pays ont decidédé d’apprendre à vivre avec COVID, la Chine reste bornée sur ses idées initiales et continue the restriction of the cities entières au moindre cas positif détecté. It is a note of the case in Zhengzhou, this city of more than 10 million inhabitants is owned by a large part of the US Foxconn companies, mobile phone that produces the bulk of the world’s iPhone sellers.

C’est une véritable ville dans la ville or plusieurs centaines de milliers de personnes travaillent et vivent sur place. If you know the rest of the country, if the COVID statement is released, the neighborhoods will be restricted to “precautionary”. If it is unavoidable to become a downturn in production, you take over the responsibilities in the wrong place of the measures très (trop) strictly to release en qui se sont soldées par des grèves et des insults by the police.

L’une des raisons à ce soulèvement soudain de la population? La Coupe du monde de football! In fact, convince yourself that the Terre entière is a log of my own time, les Chinois faisaient avec… Sauf qu’avec la Coupe du monde, ils ont decouvert à la télévision des stades pleins sans aucune obliges the porter to wear the mask. It is a discovery that can bring the rest of the plan to life through the virus and the coup that has made a cosmetic mistake. Ce weekend on a même pu apercevoir des manifestations appelant à la démission de Xi Jinping, une premiere!

Victim of the grèves and the son of success, the iPhone 14 Pro is no longer available to Noël

If you sound the alarm if you have questions about how long it takes to buy an iPhone and if your coupe is in the closet, it is not possible to drive an iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max for Noël…

The premiere date of delivery is possible for one of the two models fixed on Monday, December 28 and on the premiere in 2023 most days of the day.

You can choose to use the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus if you’re a few years down the road and they’re readily available in the Apple Store or in your possession in major cities “in the 2nd century.”

Apple: for the iPhone 14 Pro on Noël, send it sapin…

Anyway, you can turn off your iPhone 13, there’s always a chance it’s available.

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