Apple n’incluant plus un chargeur, le Brésil saisit les iPhone en boutiques


Le Brésil has asked déjà for the suspension of the iPhone vents in the event that Apple refuses to include a charger in the cradle. Le pays avait donc infligé des amendes in septembre et in octobre. Aujourd’hui, the autorités elude the brand’s phones on the pomme encore presents in the boutiques, sachant qu’Apple ne proposes you to be a custom secteur.

A saying from iPhone au Brésil

Procon-DF is known for the centaines d’iPhone in various boutiques in Brasilia, the capital of Brésil. As the framework of an action baptized «Opération décharge», the organizational system vise à forcer Apple à se conformer à la législation locale qui exige que les smartphones soient vendus avec le chargeur inclus dans la boîte.

The iPhone is well known in the warehouses of Apple’s operators and vengeful companies. If Apple added the iPhone 12 accessory, the carrier will have a change to the iPhone 11 with a new case plus a compact battery without a charger.

The brésilienne d’Apple has applied to the local government to open the smartphone in the country that made the final decision of the process. The manufacturer has issued a statement on Tecnoblog to continue selling the iPhone au Brésil malgré l’operation.

In part, judge Diego Câmara Alves estimates that Apple has no right to consommateurs and that the régulateur brésilien abuses the iPhone in the boutiques. Apple has a counselor and is confident that you will report the legal battle.

In confidence, the manufacturer can make a déjà opéré à quelques changes. For example, the new Apple TV 4K including a USB-C cable in the Brésil box, or the rest of the world nearby, it can be a problem to purchase. Apple has never published a raison d’être, but the group may have changed many new issues and other issues.

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