Apple Magic Charger, le chargeur iPhone qui ne sortira jamais (images)


Photos from a project Apple the charger is without data from a jamais vu le jour.

Apparaissant sous le nom Apple Magic Charger quand it est branché sur un Mac, cet appareil a été dégoté by le collectionneur TheBlueMister, don’t even let Twitter suspend après-qu’il en ait public les images.

Apple Magic Charger, version of MagSafe Duo for iPhone

The charger, which resembles the Apple Watch’s MagSafe Duo, has two different sides: a base in the shape of a carré apparemement and aluminum anodized, and a circular charging surface made of blank rubber.

If this is the case, the device cannot be serviced in iPhone Paysage mode, but in Portrait (vertical) mode. If there’s a good chance there’s no commercial reason for it, then this is the version of the validation that can be merged in nature. Source: macro rumours

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