Apple laisserait finalement sa chance au smartphone petit format


Although there is a point about the abandonment of the mini models in 2022, a new report is where the tears are on the iPhone 14 mini. If you’re reading a birthday gift, Apple can sort a small smartphone at a later date.

The fact is that the maintenance is more than the reports indiquaient qu’Apple that has abandoned its smartphone in a small format of one year, the mini model. Après-l’échec from the iPhone 12 mini of 2020 to the iPhone 13 mini of 2021, you can use the level of the ventes again, on s’attendait à ce qu’Apple laisse tomber ce format.

Cependant, a report published over the weekend by the celebre leaker Evan Blass chez 91Mobiles confirms that one of the major Apple distributors in the Asia Pacific region get ready for a stockpile of new iPhone and iPad models available for purchaseand consists of a supposed “iPhone 14 mini” and a 10th generation iPad with a screen of 10.2 pieces.

Apple is a new generation smartphone mini in 2022

In addition to the iPad Pro and 10th generation iPad, Asian distributors may launch an iPhone 14 mini. Clearly, Apple’s latest replacement for a new iPhone with a 6.7-inch case, the iPhone 14 Max.

Bien qu’Evan Blass soit généralement très bien informé, il semble que ce nouveau rapport n’ait pour l’instant été corroboré par aucune autre source. Rien n’indique qu’Apple a commandé des écrans de petite taille à ses fournisseurs. If most of the iPhone 14 Max Apple is a déjà passé command of the habits of the four nisseurs for two models of 6.7 cases, the iPhone 14 Max and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

If all goes well, there are still issues sorting out a small iPhone, Apple has the opportunity to receive the Keynote annual on September 7th. The quatre iPhone 14 will arrive laterApple prevoit the use of a new series of montres connectée, Apple Watch Series 8. Celles-ci seraient acompagnées d’un model Pro plus résistant et avec un design légèrement different, which is a premiere depuis 2018.

Source: 91mobiles

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