Apple iPhone 14 : une présentation le 7 septembre ?


Apple is familiar with its habit, its new iPhone 14 uses keynotes. This has been informed by Mark Gurman de Bloomberg that the company has officially announced the iPhone 14, and no doubt a product from another manufacturer, on September 7, 2022.

a production major on September 16

If the date of the conference is only officially confirmed by Apple, we will know the company’s habits that are present to use new iPhones during the month of September, for an available availability in recent weeks. 2022 n’échappera a priori according to the traditional tradition, with Bloomberg-après, certain Apple Store managers, we have information about “the sortie of a product major” on September 16. The iPhone represents the moitié of Apple’s products, but it is not possible to sort a new model that is considered comme “force of the majority“.

In more than a week, lesson rumors in various genres who have dressed a portrait robot know exactly what to do to attend this keynote keynote. There are 4 iPhone versions, two “Standards” and two “Pro”. Most of the new techniques of the sera d’ailleurs become aux modèles les plus haut de gamme. The Pro and Pro Max models are best suited for a new puce, an écran à poinçon, and an écran au taux de rafraichissementvariable. Standard models, eux, resteront coins on the A15 Bionic which is suitable for the iPhone 13.

An Apple Watch “Pro” in this app

It is likely that September 7 sera aussi will be the occasion for Apple the presenter of new montres connectées. The “Series 8” comprendrait (comme sur les iPhone), a model standard proche de l’Apple Watch actuel (with a new processor) and a model “Pro” plus imposing, with a meilleure autonomy and plus the capteurs dédiés au suivi des activities. By the time this is a sort of new products, this new version of the operating system is used. iOS 16 and watchOS 9 take advantage of the glorious scene right at the moment.

As the following years, the vrait être 100% virtuous, with a presentation of products that are crossed to several small recorded videos. Il se pourrait bien qu’une autre keynote soit prévu pour le mois d’octobre. About discovering the new iPad and probably the new Mac.

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