Apple iPhone 14 : tout ce qu’il faut savoir en attendant la Keynote du 7 septembre


Apple iPhone 14

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The Keynote arrives for the most part – the program is from September 7 to 7 pm -, it is possible that the rumors are about generating iPhones. Des indiscrétions qui arrivent de plus en plus tôt chaque année, au point qu’il est parfois difficile de démêler le vrai du faux et le plausible du non plausible. There is no chance that you will attend the iPhone 13 broadcasts for the iPhone 14, and the mois en mois, various rumors that are not known and confirm the precédents. The profile of the iPhone of 2022 is supposed to be the most wanted quick action – stop romping with surprising effect.

More than a small number of iPhone models used in 2022.

More than a small number of iPhone models used in 2022.

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A design à peine revu

The Pro versions continue to display an OLED display at 120 Hz. It is not known to be placed in a place on a point – circular or shape of “pilule”. A design plus modern, more traditional it is not compelling to offer compacité advantage, small d’après les quelques fuites que nous avons pu observer, cette “pilule” semble être au moins aussi large que l’encoche des iPhone 13. Au dos , l’îlot photo — qui abrite encore et toujours trois modules — devrait gagner en épaisseur. Du côté des modèles non Pro, il faudrait se contenter d’un taux de rafraîchissement à 60 Hz ainsi que d’une encoche. Au dos devraient figurer deux modules, toujours disposés en diagonale.

More for the rest, the 2020 iPhone 14 devraient être très semblables à ce que la firme américaine fait déjà depuis. classics”. If you’re new now, Apple may use a changer to come to market later, with certainty about the USB-C standard on smartphones and other products that use Lightning.

Un volet photo qui change enfin (un peu)

Après des années and definition of 12 megapixels, apple for changing the donne. In fact, the sound adopted by the main captor is 48-megapixel definition, more than the 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max models. A change for the company, which allows the new iPhone to shoot just 8K and most photos of photos superior to the fact that they work. At the base of the module, we can use an ultra-wide angle and a particular object of 12 megapixel definition.

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This information concerns the captain of the moment he or she is at. The analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has posted on Twitter that the frontal module has a better view plus large overture (f/1.9 vs f/2.2 current element) and that the autofocus seems as good as it gets. Take into account the horizon of the capteur definition. It’s possible that Apple will make the decision to simply shoot at 12 megapixels.

More encore?

There are several rumors about batteries plus large (sauf pour le modèle Pro Max). If you want to allow one of the latest iPhone parmis of smartphones and more sustainable marchés, you can get a new copy of 5G and use Wi-Fi 6E to get anywhere.

At the level of the processors, the modulations are not seraient pas logés à la meme enseigne. Follow the versions Pro pourraient bénéficier de l’Apple A16 Bionic, la puce la plus recent d’Apple. The iPhone 14 and 14 Max, others, remnants of the A15 Bionic current element including iPhone 13. A choice that marks a premiere for the brand, which is widely known as the colors of the new SoC and date. About the memory that lives, you whisper that you keep 6 Go, but there are certainly sons of cloches who go to the models that Pro pourraient opter pour 8 Go de RAM. Load filaire pourrait passer à 30 W – un sacré bond en avant -, and MagSafe pourrait également gagner en vélocité.

Anyway, l’Always-On Display can appear on la Pomme smartphones. The different models Pro y auraient le droit, grâce à leur dalle ProMotion et leur taux de rafraîchissement supérieur à 120 Hz. The procedure performed on the Apple Watch does not know if the frequency of 1 Hz is higher than using it, but it is possible to use certain information about certain notifications or notifications. An option available on the iPhone, coinciding with the arrival of the new version of the Verrouillage inauguration with iOS 16.

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