Apple intéressé par le rachat du club de football Manchester United ?


On the other side of Cristiano Ronaldo’s point of departure, Apple aurait “exprimé son intérêt” pour le rachat or l’équipe of football britannique Manchester United.

Manchester United is one of the football clubs that are popular worldwide. Surnommé les Red Devils, il est l’un des rares grands clubs à poster un comptabilité saine et positive. It is known that the upcoming fans Man United, détient de nombreux records.

Manchester United, a legendary club

Introduced a grant for 6.7 million pounds sterling in 1991, en suite with a treasure of American billionaire Malcolm Glazer in 2005. The owner of a Jamaican land with support from the supporters, qui a conduit à la mise en vente du club.

The point of basculement is the most produced product of the suite of the club’s implication in the European Super League project established by major clubs. Mais cela a echoué.

Apple Manchester United logo

A resource at the club site and declared:

The choices cannot be changed for les Glazers in the 18 deniers mois environ. Beaucoup de gens has left the club. You have returned to the past of the European Super League and you have sought the struggle of the supporters behind you. En gros, ils en ont assez de tout a et meerulent passer à autre chose.

Appel “an exprimé son interêt”

Apple isn’t interested in Man Utd’s rachat and for the record the Red Devils of the club with more wealth of the world. In fact, the base of society in Cupertino is valued at plus $2 trillion in the stock market, and possibly plus d’argent in a banque serving certain countries of the world.

Vote for the Daily Star:

Manchester United has tossed out the beaucoup and fund of Manchester City and Newcastle as Apple’s best technology to make massive money.

Apple’s technological feats are of interest to Manchester United’s rachat [pour] an unbelievably high sum of 5.8 billion pounds sterling […].

The PDG Tim Cook is an impatient explorer of the opportunities that the Manchester United possession has for the offer – and entering into discussions with the banques designed for supervisor la vente, don’t The Raine Group […].

Part of the cooking plan includes Apple financing the construction of a state-of-the-art new city that is considered the master of the world.

Les Glazers have been given a fixed price of GBP 8.25 billion, with an exclusive Daily Star Sport revision, more than the unrealistic price on the market.

Outre Apple, an autre acheteur potential n’est autre que le richissime Sir Jim Ratcliffe, le patron de la société Ineos.

In this case, it is interesting to know what Apple’s intentions are and what Apple’s good intentions are to make money to acquire the MLB and MLS distribution rights.

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