Apple aurait menacé Elon Musk de retirer Twitter de ses iPhone


Elon Musk confirmed that Apple used Twitter’s “threat” of a boutique of iOS applications, a decision that caused society to buy $44 billion.

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Elon Musk accuses Apple of “disapproval” et a confirmation that the technological progress ofuses Twitter application phone charger iPhone users. In fact, in a series of tweets, le nouveau chef de Twitter tout d’abord que Apple takes advantage of the IPO of publicity on Twitter.

« Détest-ils la liberté d’expression en Amérique ? », at-il déclaré, and référence evidente à son désir maintes fois exprimé de soutenir son idée de liberté d’expression sur la plateforme. Billionaire and an également profité for interpeller personnel Tim Cook, et pour denoncer les frais the transaction of 30% qu’Apple charges major app developers for developing applications in a boutique. This is the first time that the App Store committee has received much criticism from Twitter’s new patron.

Twitter comes from the App Store

In another tweet, Elon Musk said: ” Apple threatens to retire Twitter from the App Store, but this is not the case ». It seems that American technological progress has been made unappreciated by Elon Musk’s new political stanceand can be sure of these actions telling the general service of internet staff.

For that matter, Twitter and Apple ensure availability of these services across one billion devices for iOS assets from the computing manufacturers. without apple, Twitter uses a number of important usage terms that are available.

Cependant, Elon Musk is a contender, and a d’ailleurs has announced that Twitter has the ability to use simultaneous smartphone devices from Apple and Android as the legacy application of the industry’s magazines. If you know what exists, il pourrait tourner grâce à un nouvel OS mobile web-only, This is the web’s most unique feature. Especially if you have a practice session, you should not accept Mozilla with Firefox OS, but development stopped in 2016.

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