Apple annonce le lauréat du prix Apple Podcasts 2022 : “Slow Burn”


Après les apps et jeux 2022, Apple announced that it has created an Apple Podcasts Award, which has been awarded an annual mission and quality product, innovation and exceptional impact. Inspired by the application app, the Apple Podcasts Award honors the Apple commitment, the youngest, as soutenir les créateurs who are part of your mouth and as assistant to auditors in the découvrir of the podcasts of mine.

Slow Burn the Slate Compensation

The winner of the Apple Podcasts Award is the historical narration of the series Slow combustion de Slate, notamment pour sa dernière saison sur l’arrêt historique de la Cour Suprême Americaine for the trial Roe against Wade sur l’avortement, animated by Susan Matthews, editor and chief of publication. Published until well into the month of June 2022, la saison de quatre episodes explore les events that conduit à la décision historique de la Cour suprême in 1973, offrant aux auditors une perspective approfondie sur cette question universelle et d’actualité des droits de l’homme .

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Oliver Schusser, vice president of Apple Music et de Beats, released a statement:

Apple Podcasts are developed by users of new missions, experienced preferences, débloquent des experiential d’écoute premium and cautious creators with possible possibilities. The podcasts play a role that is important in our world – they are an informant’s aid, a diverter and an inspiration – and are one of Slate’s most credited with this exploration.

Susan Matthews, a legend:

You can do things in a series that discourage you by polarizing and immobilizing the conversation on your adventure, and that seems like a significant opportunity to me. Nous avons decides de raconter cette histoire de manière à élargir et à remettre en question que les gens comprennent sur ce sujet. Nous avons decided that the meilleure façon d’aborder cette saison était de revenir au debut des années 70, lorsque le débat sur l’avortement était encore ensuspens et que l’appartenance à un parti ne correspondait pas à l’opinion que l’op look for the question. Je suis très honorée qu’Apple Podcasts ait vu quelque chose the special dance this season. It’s a matter of people living abroad with minds that are open and curious, and you can appreciate the truth when you do.

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In this case, the users can discover six bonuses of Slow Burn – all new episodes available for free and exclusively on Apple Podcasts, with new perspectives and greater depth. The auditors who are part of the tour of Slow Burn: Roe v. Wade, the historical personnel history, the extended companies with the characters of the series and the only table round on the evolution of the Cour suprême with the legal experts de Slate.

The users can use Slow Burn for free to automate the three premieres of the Roe v. Wade episodes. Les auditors who have made a déjà l’émissie can easily accelerate to Roe v. Wade en appuyant sur le filter “Saisons” et en navigant jusqu’à la saison 7.

Slow Burn is one of the most popular of all broadcasts on Apple Podcasts. The mission’s two season premieres were animated by Leon Neyfakh and matched the Watergate and Clinton-Lewinsky scandals. The seasons suivantes with the creative and deadly tragedy of the two world famous celebrity rappers, Notorious BIG and Tupac Shakur, are the Los Angeles émeutes (two Joel Anderson animated films); the montée en puissance of David Duke (animée by Josh Levin); et le chemin vers la guerre en Iraq (animée par Noreen Malone). Les Sept seasons are available for free on Apple Podcasts.

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Apple Podcasts are available for free in 175 countries and regions on iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod and HomePod mini, CarPlay, iTunes on Windows, Amazon Alexa, and intelligent and voiture systems. The “+” version requires a subscription at €9.99 for any time or an Apple One pack.

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