Amazon saigne le prix du Honor 70 + les écouteurs sans fil Earbuds 3 Pro (-24%) 🪚


For Black Friday, Amazon offers the price of the Honor 70 5G with a direct rebate of 160 euros on the smartphone!

If it’s Black Friday, it’s the opportunity to get your company’s best business or get your money’s worth. Hangers that are jours, the milliers are the products that are sold. Whether it’s gaming accessories, smart TVs, electronic devices, PCs or smartphones, the Black Friday occasion caters for cheap euros and prepares or mieux buys your money.

Simply, if you want to change your phone or take out one of your proches for Noël, doing your parfait is a good plan. Amazon carnage le prix du Honor 70, almost available near the market. For Black Friday, the géant du e-commerce proposes déjà une basis of price with a jolie reduction of -24%, you can buy more economical plus 160 euros on an exceptional package, you can buy smartphone and les écouteurs undo the brute Earbuds 3ProWireless. You can buy two accessories for €499.90 or €659.99.

You benefit from the offer on Amazon

The Honor 70 cannot be compared to premium smartphones from the iPhone 14 or Samsung’s Galaxy. In fact, Honor as a position in a category environment of the general public, allowing to obtain smartphones with excellent value for money.

The qualities of the Honor 70 5G

Le Honor 70 is a smartphone recently released at the debut of 2022. It is a product that is an uncontournable dance category for six months, surtout sur la partie milieu de gamme. For money of 500 euros, you have the most indispensable things of a mobile phone: a sympathetic design, with an autonomy bonus, and a nice clothing photo.

Côté design, cet Honor 70 proposes a modern style, very pure with the jolies finales surtout à l’arrière avec les two objectives photos that have a certain appeal to a smartphone. Le Honor 70 is equipped with an excellent price and a double price with an excellent main prize. There is a large 6.67 piece OLED lens (area 16.9 cm) with a poster of 1.07 billion colors for reproducing a single image of more reality. It can provide a frequency of refinement of the movement at 120 Hz for animations and charge a defilement plus liquid.

Regarding the photo app, the Honor 70 is equipped with an image capturer IMX800 from 54 MP, ce dernier is doté d’une grande taille de 1/1,49 pouce et d’une grande overture de f/1, 9, if you want to charge the mise of point complète des pixels with a large capacity to capture the light. The Honor 70 features a 50 Mpx dual camera with an ultra-wide angle of 122° and an object like macro 2-and-1. Once you have cela, you can use most cards to take pictures immortalized for your most beautiful moments.

You benefit from the offer on Amazon

For the autonomy of the smartphone, the Honor 70 is a kind of encore of two things. You can use your phone pendant plus travel without any hassle with a use stand. And plus the cela, the Honor 70 is equipped with the SuperCharge Honor 66 W hautes versions. Simply put, there is enough time for 20 minutes for a charger with a capacity of 60% and a built-in battery with a large capacity of 4800 mAh.

Des écouteurs parfaits for your new smartphone

You cannot use your smartphone to make phone calls. You have a large number of uses for your diversion and companion over the course of your life. Most smartphone users use music with Apple Music, Spotify or Deezer. Pour cela, you develop strength for the écouteurs.

There is an exceptional offer for Black Friday, les écouteurs sans-fil à cancelation de brute Earbuds 3 Pro Wireless sont offers. These experts can prevent a cancellation of 46 dB from the profondeur. Opposite the apples, the capteur VPU (Voice Pick-Up) osseux et l’algorithm IA optimizes the voix sous tous ses aspects for an optimization of vos conversations.

The devices without earbuds 3 have built-in intelligent detection function, and the effects of sonores are even better. An intelligent compensation of the frequencies of averages and basses with the rendre des details of great richness. Usually you buy a price of 137.03 euros, les écouteurs sans fil Earbuds 3 sont compris dans ce pack. You can buy your smartphone Honor 70 at the price of 499.90 euros instead of 659.99 euros.

Amazon, the certainty of Black Friday

And plus the incredible offer, Amazon offers you many different benefits for your comfort than your purchase. The guaranteed constructor of 2 ans est naturellement consists of the purchase of a smartphone. In addition, you have certain manufacturing defects. You have two mois to change your account and you can pay when you use the phone ne vous plait card. You can return your smartphone and request a refund on January 31, 2023. Habituation, you have a drying time of 30 days for your retractor. Mais pour le Black Friday, Amazon met en place cette mesure tout à fait exceptionnelle. You can prepare your gift for the Noël and be sure to receive compensation if the smartphone does not fit in its destination!

You can present your Honor 70 with the bruit cancellation receipts Earbuds 3 Pro Wirelessc’est par ici:

You benefit from the offer on Amazon

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