Ajoutez un emoji à côté de l’horloge sur votre iPhone


With the Concentration d’iOS modes, it is possible to offer a small emoji on your watch face. Voici comment procedure.

iOS It is not possible to personalize for Android, but it is also important to do so. For example, you can use your personalizer to change apps and add a small animal number to Dynamic Island. If you’re looking for a little personal talent, en voici une: you can add an emoji to the barre of the menu that’s just at the edge of the world.

For cela, il faut exploiter une petite faille dans the fonctionnalité Concentration d’Apple, comme illustré ici par le créateur de contenu techhackguy sur TikTok. Remember that you can save your déjà, Concentration allows the créer des modes “Ne pas déranger” personalized apps and notifications dedicated to certain moments of the journey. For example, you can use a Concentration mode to monitor the logins of apps or contacts that you use to do your work and use the registered content pages of the apps you work with.

One of the nice features is the allocator of an emoji in chaque mode. For example, you can choose an illuminated emoji for the Concentration Sommeil mode, a mallette for the Travail mode, a smiley for the Staff mode, etc. As an emoji device in the coin superior gauche de l’écran of your iPhone, you can do savoir, visuellement, que vous êtes dans un mode Concentration et surtout dans lequel vous êtes.

The experience of yours is the following: you can set a mode Concentration in a block aucune notification ni app. If you don’t know what to do, you have to use a little emoji to look at your phone’s watch. If you completely personalize your clothes, you can personalize your clothes.

When you post your emoji, you can use all lines > Concentration and tap + of the coin supérieur droit puis choisissez Personaliser. Choose a name and choose a color (that doesn’t affect the image you want) and select an emoji. Malheureusement, je devrez vous contenter des 47 emoji proposals by Apple. Tapotez sur celui qui vous interest et sur “Suivant”.

Tapotez on “Personnaliser la Concentration” et voilà. If you want to equip the device of your choice, you can use all the devices in the control center. Choose your new concentration and you will receive your emoji à côté de l’watch. Le mode Concentration ne bloquant aucune notification ni app, vous pouvez utiliser votre appareil tout à fait normalment.

If the concentrations are synced with devices compatible with Apple, you can use emojis on your iPad and Mac connections. If you don’t know what to do, you can uncheck “Partager le Statut entre les appareils” on the main concentration rules page. Please note to ensure that your devices are not auto-automated into Concentration mode that will prevent you from participating. You can disable concentration status for this concentration. Sans quoi, you can report that you have received notifications, but this is not the case (necessary).

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