Adnane Ben Halima et Huawei N.A, pour relever le défi de l’éducation et de la formation professionnelle aux Tics en Afrique


« In Africa, the enormous development potential of the economy is numeric. At present, 19% of economic and commercial activities, plus 47% from other continents, exist. Cependant, celle-ci pourrait générer près de 250 billion US dollars de chiffre d’affaires dans prochaines années ». Adnane Ben Halima, Vice President and Charge of Public Relations of Huawei Northern Africa, confirms this in an interview published by African Manager.

Selon Ben Halima, «the sector concerned with three main definitions: education and training of African youth in TICs; the development of infrastructure numérique et enfin, the development of human resources to fully develop the system sites ».

As vice president in charge of public relations of Huawei North Africa, the timer that has a point of economic value is the implication of the institutions to access devices for the African population that the government imposes comme une cessité pour le development of l’economic numérique. The access roads to the inventions constitute, and effectively, a pre-requisite major to the realization of financial transactions, essential to the acquisition of licenses or storage spaces for the creation of start-ups and, finethe wealth “.

– publicity-

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