Adieu la Chine, Apple produira son nouveau smartphone en Inde


Adjust the production location, mais un radical change. Apple produced a new iPhone 14, its latest smartphone PHARE, an announcement of the American society, which is increasingly seeking diversification of production and a new trend in China.

It is regularly announced that Apple launched the new smartphones a few weeks ago. The beginning of production of the iPhone 14 at the beginning of the technology is a fact, plus the fact that it is a fact for the previous models, Sanyam Chaurasia, analyst of the specialized company in the advance of technology Canalys.

Production in China compliquée par le Covid-19 and less political tension

For the time being, the iPhone production chain is the most important basic center in China, more specifically the « zero Covid » political situation of the country and the tensions with the États-Unis withdrawn from the production, with the analysts.

The California company factory has become one of the most popular iPhone models in India through Foxconn’s Taiwanese products, which make use of the state of Tamil Nadu (south).

Près de 7.5 millions d’iPhone – around 3% of Apple’s global production – on one of the factories in the past. « Nous nous attendons à ce que la production locale des iPhone atteigne plus de 11 millions d’appareils cette année », Sanyam Chaurasia calculated.

Apple’s decision is a smart choice for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s “Made in India” strategy, which is putting pressure on the two-country plant entrepreneurs in his country.

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