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(AOF) – Ekinops, four-person leader of solutions for telecommunications dedicated aux operators of telecommunications and aux companies, launches its new module enfichable PM_400FR05-C2A au sein de la range of systems for transport optics WDM Ekinops360. This new card is consistent with the base of the first module on the available interfaces of 400G, with a large number of solutions associated with the different possibilities of current technologies and the best performance.

“The PM_400FR05-C2A celebrates a point of demarcation strictly under les réseaux des fournisseurs de services et des clients, but also les réseaux par paquets et les réseaux optiques, de sorte qu’il s’intègre parfaitement au modèle operational des fournisseurs de services” , says Guillaume Crenn, Director of Marketing Transport Optique at Ekinops.


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