À peine commercialisé, l’iPhone 14 voit son prix déjà baisser fortement pour le Black Friday sur ce site


The iPhone 14 is a smartphone that is compatible with 5G. This connection guarantees the teléchargements, du streaming and du contenu en ligne toujours fluide et sans ralentissements. Découvrez de belles performances with the puce A15 Bionic. The SoC of the iPhone 14 is suitable for many applications of demanding applications and advanced technologies. La navigation est toujours confortable même après plusieurs heures d’utilisation. In other words, Apple has the multimedia with the OLED of 6.1 pouces that a visually immersive experience with a great grâce aux haut-parleurs intégrés. Take advantage of videos, films, series and jeux dans the conditions that bluffantes see that are grâce à cette dalle d’exception. At the time of Rakuten, the iPhone 14 passe from 1019 euros to 879.99 euros with 114.40 euros credit on your Club R account.

The iPhone 14 offers great autonomy with a single battery of 3279 mAh. The smartphone has a great advantage of an unsecured security system in the mobile phone market with an iOS operating system that is protected from private owners. Dénué de porte dérobée, cet écosystème is très sur. Without the App Store applications being verified by Apple, the mauvaises can be surprised by malware. For iPhone 14, Apple has launched Face ID to provide 3D facial exploration plus accurate analysis of your face. Au dos, le double capteur immortalizes vos plus beautiful moments. Découvrez of photos and videos details with a wide range of colors and des noirs profonds.

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