A défaut de chargeur, des centaines d’iPhone sont saisis au Brésil !


Quarantine huit heures the presentation of new iPhone 14, the Brésil can decide to pronounce an exemplary sanction and the stabilizer of the sortie of the product in the country. And effect, the attorney general gets a $2.3 million amendment at Apple (if you have a big impact), you may have a ban on your iPhone 13, you should know that Californian society has a new charge than de boîte! There is no answer to the satisfaction of the Cupertino part, justice is passée à la vitesse supérieure. Ainsi Procon-DF and saisi of hundreds of thousands of iPhones in various detail magazines in the capital of Bresil. If there is an attempted action, the organizing body can force Apple to comply with local law.

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