6 raisons pour lesquelles vous devez vous procurer le nouveau HUAWEI nova Y61 en cette période


The new HUAWEI range continues to make impressions of people’s names related to the philosophy of the concept, the performance is higher and the experience is smooth. As your series conçues for your generation, the HUAWEI nova series evolves with the requirements of your users. The HUAWEI nova Y61 is one of the latest models in the series and retains the ADN design and integrated 50 Mpx AI triple camera that produces parfait photos. With the features of the practice, we tell that the fast charging and large battery with design blousy design, the HUAWEI nova Y61 is an excellent choice for an entry-level smartphone.

Design elegant in shape and triple camera AI 50MP
A final result of the refined style of the HUAWEI nova Y61. Lorsqu’il est exposé à la lumière, ses panneaux arrière brillant, dégageant une lueur semblable à celle d’une galaxy. The plus, le téléphone a une allure contemporaine grâce à ses bords délicats mais simples. The central frame is the entouré of surface proportions of the chaque côté, finally giving the corps global suffisamment a prize and the rest without empreintes digitals.

Three camera lenses placed in a triangular arrangement provide a harmonious image.

The phone has a triple device photo 50MP AI, with a remarkable feature. You can get high resolution photos with detailed meshes and luminous beauty in 50MP main photo device. With the main photo of the clothes of 50 MP, the photo of the profondeur of 2 MP has understood the prices of our eyes as well as the truth and these characteristics. The 4cm triple camera macro can be used to approach objects as close as 4cm from the object to capture detail.

Forgive the price for the HUAWEI nova Y61 with the Super Night Shot feature, you can take great photos without using the night. A food capture feature for the IA is available; I use Huawei’s scene detection algorithm to detect intelligence during movements. The photo obturator of the device adapts to the obturation vitesse and captures the moment of the movement par défaut.

The camera has a single function of the audience that staff can easily use to focus on the minute details of a subsequent moment and take into account the changing micro-expressions and the tiny micro-movements of a companion animal, child or other a dancer.

The plus, the photo app is the most important part of the IA, with the capacity of reconnaissance intelligence of the objects and the scenes, the optimization of the color and brightness and the prendre of meilleures photos in different parameters.

22.5W HUAWEI Super Charge for one charge
The HUAWEI nova Y61 users can no longer use the phone car battery that wastes a 22.5W HUAWEI Super Charge with a 0% to 47% charger in 30 minutes. An intelligent battery capacity assistant is included on the phone. The algorithm of the integrated detection of the system can detect the battery, determine the capacity and warn the users of most batteries without faibles. Vingt charge protection, fast charge protection and USB port surge protection provide guarantees for battery and charge security.

A powerful battery
With a battery capacity of 5000 mAh, the HUAWEI nova Y61 can last 9.5 hours of your life, 25 hours of phone calls, 13.5 hours of web browsing and 13.3 hours of video and streaming. It is an encouragement to most smartphone users who have a device that has many different ways to determine the style of view, work and entertainment. Même si votre téléphone n’est pas complètement charge, vous n’avez plus à vous soucier de vous ennuyer sur the longs trajets après le travail. You can watch the movies and you can move your trip to a laissant laissant la battery vous transporter en toute securité chez vous.

Ecran HD+ of 6.52 sachets
The HUAWEI nova Y61 can have a resolution of 6.52 pixels with a resolution of 1600 x 720p and an integrated HD. The users can take advantage of the mobile phone with many new functions, tell the control tactile 8x ultra high resolution and the intelligent control of the gradation, and plus experience a visual definition.

Seamless AI life
The HUAWEI nova Y61 is compatible with Huawei’s devices in the Freebuds launch phase and charges the Super Device function, enabling a transparent connection with a simple pairing. The plus, les utilisateurs receive the possibility of active mode easily, with three functions that improve accessibility: the police plus grandes, the icons plus grandes and a volume plus fortress. This functionality benefits users plus the use of modern technology and an interface plus simplicity and conviviality. Customers who activate the widgets of the service can personalize various widgets and pages with features that have preferences and functions, making using their smartphone plus easy and productive.

It is fantastic that the HUAWEI nova Y61 mobile phones offer a large number of functions available for the best combinations of the game. You have a great design, a triple camera AI 50MP, a fast charge, an excellent battery and a great fantastic price at an affordable price. Étonnamment, Seamless AI Life vous donne également accès à un tonne d’autres FUNctionnalités Intelligents.

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