15 startups tunisiennes primées lors de la cérémonie de clôture du «Huawei Tunisia SPARK Program»


Huawei Tunisia is an organization on November 25, 2022, the ceremony of clôture and the remit of prize for les startups and the benefit of the international program of soutien aux startups, Huawei Tunisia SPARK Program, and ce à l’hotel Laico Tunis.

The program is designed to build a system of inclusive startups, robustness and innovation and make a powerful driver of the transformation numérique de la Tunisie.

The ceremony of clôture and the first inauguration by M. Lin Xingshuo, director général de Huawei Tunisia, said start-up participants brought excellence. Honored by the presence of M. Nizar Ben Néji, Minister des Technologies de la Communication et de son excellence l’ambassadeur de la République Populaire de Chine en Tunisie, M. Zhang Jianguo.

Son of intervention, M. Nizar Ben Néji, a salué l’engagement de Huawei surrounds Tunisia, the efforts made for the start-ups in Tunisia, the role of you in the development of the economy numérique and the promotion of talents in the secte des TIC ».

Il ajouté: « The Minister of Labor in the context of the strategic numérique 2025 en faire de la Tunisia is a platform for attracting investments and start-ups. Des travaux are developing the Law StartupAct 2.0 in the new version, which is a report of the mechanisms of guidance, financing and encouragement of companies that do not know the economic approach based on innovation ».

De son côté, M. Zhang Jianguo, l’ambassadeur de la République Populaire de Chine en Tunisie a indiqué : « Huawei Tunisie is associé avec le gouvernement, des incubateurs de haut level, des VC de renommée internationale, des cabinets de conseils internationale en university institutions help start-ups build solutions and mettre en œuvre de transformation and the wrong level of services. Choose Huawei’s decision to launch the Spark program in Tunisia and you have been grateful for ten years to the Tunisian Ministry of Technologies for Communications and Aux Partenaires that facilitate the program ».

The speech of the son, M. Lin Xingshuo, has a sense of the importance of Huawei’s cooperation with the startups in Tunisia. There is an insistence on the potential croissance of the secteur of the TIC grâce aux jeunes entreprises. « Start-ups have a fundamental role in their role, but they are the insurer of an economic and socio-economic company. Huawei continues to use Tunisia’s digital gear ».

Cette cérémonie de clôture du program Huawei Tunisia SPARK Program a été l’occasion de découvrir le top 15 of startups retenues.


There is a chance that you can use the resources of Cloud for free, the only formation technique and a special soutien, taking advantage of the commercial opportunities of the Huawei Cloud mobile system, which are known for their business services, protections and durable goods.

Is there a quality panel of the sujet: commentary on the synergies of Tunisia’s economy from startups? , the appearance of an aussi opportunity for les 15 startups de pitcher devant a jury composed by M. Alaya Bettaïeb, director general of «Smart Capital», M. Wissem Elmekki, director of the economy numérique au sein du ministère des Communication Technologies, de M. Adnane Ben Halima, Vice President and in charge of public affairs of Huawei Northern Africa M. Houssem Aouinti, Tunisia Cloud & AI Business Director at Huawei and M. LI Chao VP of Huawei Northern Africa Cloud Business. A la key, the cash prize and the chance to participate in the international events.

Après delibération of the top 3 startups and a été sélectionné. The KAMIOUN start-up is one of the two most successful classifications of the two start-ups FABSKILL and HISTORIAR.

The ceremony of the CEO of the three startups is expressed by Huawei and the ecosystème ensemble of croissance veterans for the country.

A travers « SPARK » Le géant chinois continues son engagement sociétal en Tunisia. The program that started in 2022 at Seeds for the future and the ICT Academy for the promotion of young talents TIC.

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