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World of Tanks | World of Tanks Vehicles, Game-play & Hack

World of Tanks, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) game developed by War-gaming Minsk, is taking the world by force.

Free to play, with added premium in game purchases, the full on action game will keep people hooked for hours at a time.

World of Tanks is spreading fast like wild fire. It is available on many platforms such as XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, smartphones and even on a board game.

World of Tanks Game Play

Beginning World of Tanks, players choose from a number of armored vehicles. They can only pick one. Once a choice has been made they are placed into a random map to begin battle.

Once in the online sandbox World of Tanks, players have full control over the vehicles maneuverability. They are able to communicate with their fellow allies using a typed, or voice chat system.

A single random match can be won by either destroying all the opposing enemy vehicles or by capturing the enemy base.

There are other types of game playing modes within World of Tanks, that have different rules and objectives to win. However, the game-play aspects remain the same. You can enhance your game-play by using World of Tanks Hack as well.

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World of Tanks Game Modes

Gamers of World of Tanks have a choice between six different game playing modes. They are:

  1. Random Battles
  2. Team-Training Battles
  3. Tank-Company Battles
  4. Team Battles
  5. Stronghold Battles
  6. Special Battles

Varying missions are also included in each of the World of Tanks game modes. They involve completing different objectives and give out different rewards based upon completion.

world of tanks hack

World of Tanks Vehicles

The game has replicated – as closely as possible – to the real life vehicles that are available in modern day warfare. However, some modifications had to be made to some vehicles to ensure an even and fair gameplay with the game mechanics.

Five genres of vehicles are available to gamers, they include:

  1. Light Tanks
  2. Medium Tanks
  3. Heavy Tanks
  4. Tank Destroyers
  5. Self-propelled Guns

World of Tanks includes more than 400 vehicles from the British, Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Swedish and U.S armies.

unfair cat mario

Best Toughest Flash Video Games Ever

Hello friends, my today’s post is about the toughest flash games which you can play online. I my self is a hardcore gamer and love to play games with extreme difficulty levels. Today I am introducing you to two best toughest games I ever play. One of my friend send me the links to these amazing games and asked me to play and give him some reviews about these games. After playing I felt very frustrating because these games almost drive me crazy.

Best Toughest Games I Ever Play

The games I am talking about are a modified version of famous Super Mario game series. Although these are not the official Super Mario Franchise games but these are modified version with extreme difficulty level. So without any further explanation read my reviews about these games below.

Cat Mario

Cat Mario is a 2d action-adventure freeware single player video game which was initially release in 2007 and originally available for Microsoft Windows & all major Web browsers. Cat Mario known to be the most frustrating game ever on the internet. This game is originally developed by Chiku, who developed it for his college exhibition. Cat Mario was originally known as Syobon Action and is same like as Super Mario but here in Cat Mario, your character will be a cat and there are a lot more booby traps in this game than super Mario.

Super Mario and Cat Mario games are almost having the same game-play but Cat Mario game is far more difficult than Super Mario. Main difference between these two games is the playable character is completely different. In Super Mario you have to play with an Italian Plumber with huge Mustaches named Mario while in this addictive game you will be playing with a cute white cat. Difficulty level of Cat Mario is a lot more difficult than Super Mario because there are a lot of booby traps which will kill you for no reason. I suggest you to stay away from everything and don’t go for collecting the coin or anything else. If you want to stay alive in this game than take my two words advice, “Keep Running”.

Unfair Mario

Unfair Mario is a flash game developed in late 2010 by John Hawkins. It 2d action-adventure freeware single player video game known to be one of the most challenging in the world. It stages a platform game with Mario. Invisible traps are, in reality, strewn everywhere, so we must remember where they are so as not to lose. The number of lives is fortunately infinite. It is virtually impossible not to die in this Game because no one can have such a great memory.

Unfair Mario game has a nice little statistic called the loss of life count that tells you how much time you died. One thing in Unfair Mario game is unfair that it does now not calculates death according to each level however, calculates for the whole game. Some players said they even died for 100 times before they completed first level. Some of them had straight slang language in their review towards this unfair game. A very few reviews with best game but on questioning them that how much they have completed and how much death count they had, all answered on an average on 400+ deaths along with successfully completion of just 5 levels.