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Best Online Cookies Baking Flash Game Ever

Hello Everyone,
Today i have a new post which is about baking flash games. Personally i love to play sweet games like candy crush, papa’s games, collection these all types of games. So lets start with my passion and your enjoyment. People think baking games are easier then other games. That’s why peoples usually play adventure and action games for their good time pass. But i think they really have no idea that how much interesting these games really are. Some one suggest me these games and i really enjoy these games.

Play Cookies Baking Flash Game Ever


  • papa’s bakeria
  • papa’s louie
  • Simple Diy games
  • Make my cookie
  • Bake Cookie

i really love these games because of their functions and much more. Let’s talk about these games.

Papa’s Bakeria

Papa’s bakeria is the 12 recreation game of papa’s series. Papa’s games present many games with their different functions and graphics. The games have awesome stories. Like in the papa’s bakeria you need to bake some cookies for you client, if you will pass your client will give you tip, and your tip is depending on your points. So the main purpose of game is, that you have to generate more and more points to gain more and more coins. You can create you own bakeria after getting more 1000 coins.

Papa’s Louie

Papa’s louie basically a big restruent in this resturent you will get everything like, in papa’s louie restrurent you will get, papa’s bakeria, papa’s taco mia and many more.

Bake cookies

Bake cookies is the most famous game of 2015-16 and people enjoy this game a lot because of their servies. In this game you are totally relay on your coins. In this game you need to lose your oppenent for coins and then your will make your own bakery and start baking cookies.

Keep enjoy and stay with us